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Lots2lose36s diary

Well I've tried every diet going with some success, but here I am at 15s 2lbs.

Life's been a emotional roller coaster these past 18 months. So I'm drawing a line under it and starting my new life.

Day 1

Woke up and had scrambled egg for breakfast 2 x White 1 x yoke and skimmed milk.

Dinner. Chicken breast

Went shopping

Tea omlette with prawns and oat bran pancake and lemon

Oh and water zero coke and coffee
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** Chief WITCH **
Hello and welcome... nothing "wrong" with your menu (except what did you do with that lemon, just a little squirt? that's ok, but don't go crazy!) but you could (should?) be eating a lot more so if you get hungry tonight, don't hesitate...

Plenty of eggs there I see too, so search in the recipe section else you'll be very bored very quickly

Yes it was a squirt of lemon on my pancake which tasted lovely.

I don't eat massive amounts but I've got my omelette / quiche cooking now which I shall have half now and other half to pick at.

Going to try some different stuff tomorrow as it's a learning curve trying to come up with menus.

All help gratefully appreciated x
Well I was pleased this morning with the scales starting to drop.

So day 2 attack
Breakfast I made 2 pancakes out of 1 egg oatbran and skimmed milk. Served with squirt of lemon and sweetener yum!!

Steak and Natural yoghurt

Was thinking of chicken

Didn't feel hungry at all yesterday and feeling good today

I got zumba class this morning and tennis this afternoon


** Chief WITCH **
Good for you with the exercise! Keep it up!
Just me checking in

I've been finding this attack phase really easy.

Breakfast most days is a sort of pancake made with skimmed milk, oat bran, and egg squirt of lemon and sweetener.

Dinner was chicken pre cooked yoghurt with sweetener

Tea Curried prawns and steak

Really getting hang of it and even better I'm watching the scales drop.

Can't wait for my weigh in day which is gonna be Thursday's

Today was a harder day as the voice in my head was working overtime telling me to eat stuff that I shouldn't. Thankfully I never cheated and got through the day.

It's my dads funeral tomorrow so you can see it's been really tough dieting at this time but then there never is a right time.

I'm going to stick with it as this weight had to shift sooner or later.

Hopefully knowing that Thursday is weigh in day is gonna help stop anything naughty going in my mouth lol



Goat herder(ess)
I'm so very sorry to hear about your Dad. As you say, dieting isn't easy at the best of times, but even more incredibly difficult when you're going through something like this.

My heart goes out to you, sweetheart. Hope you get through tomorrow okay.
Thank you x

Well I survived the hardest days of my life going to my dads funeral very very emotional we are a mega close family.

Well I stuck to the diet even tho the food and cakes and wraps and sarnies were there just chicken went in my mouth.

There's never a good time to diet and ill never get to target if I use everything as an excuse to eat badly.

So tomorrows a new day it's also my official weigh in day too so here's hoping for tomorrow x
hugs to you hun and well done for getting through the day xx


grammar police
i'm so sorry to hear about your dad lots2lose, hope you gave him a good send off today, and well done for staying strong on the food and other fronts. like you said, tomorrow's a new day, and hope you get a really good WI to start it off!
Thank you everyone for your kind words it's really appreciated xx

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