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Lotty Big Botty's diary


So..... Here we go.....

13 stone
5ft 5
BMI 30

I start slim fast tomorrow (well Tesco ultra slim, but from research it's the same thing!!)

No specific targets but would like to kick start a healthy eating diet this way!

Found this forum through looking the diet up on the net and thought I could really do with the motivation!! It's been great Reading all your sucess stories!

A few questions before I start though....

1) I presume I'm allowed tea/coffee as long as I count the milk in my snack calories.... Or is it such a little amount of milk it's not an issue???

2) I was thinking that on a work day I would have my main/propper meal at lunch time (I work 12hour shifts and think I could do with the energy boost half way through) would this be ok???

3) Snack wise..... Can it be anything under 100 calories rather than just slimfast branded stuff? I'd quite like to maintain as close to my 5 a day as possible so would like to be having fruits?

Thank you very much in advance
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hi and welcome to slim fast.
1= you must count your milk in to your calorie allowence for the day. you can track all your calories at Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com
2= having you main meal at lunch is fine as long as you dont feel hungry in the evening and start having extra snacks!
3= fruit as snacks is also fine. fruit is better than the slim fast snacks. the diet snacks are there to help us so we can have a treat if we want one within reason!
good luck :)
Hi Lotty,
I start tomorrow too so were in the same boat!! good luck, hope your have a good first day

Hayles x


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good luck with slimfast im sur eyou will soon get the hang of it and hopefully the motivation to keep going
good luck, your q's have already been answered but im sure you will find it great i often have my lunch as my meal and have my snacks evening time as it fits in better with me too let us know how u get on!
nic x

Wow, thank you for all the support!

First day hasn't gone too badly at all :)

B - Cafe latte shake
L - Chocolate shake
S - Banana
D - Sweet chilly prawns with new potatoes and broccoli.

I've even got in a 40 minute gym session!

Got a slight headache but I really don't see how I could have had any more water.... Had about 8 pints of water and weeing like an elephant!!!!!

Hope everyone else has had a good day, specialy those who have started the same day as me!
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Make sure you are having enough calories hun as too few could be worse for you.

Massive well done on the water front though!! x
They are lovely, unfortunatly not home made!! There from the Birdseye simply range. 250cals for the packet, just take it out the freezer and pop it in the oven!

Flower power, I know I probably should of had another snack, but I just wasn't hungry.... Prehaps that's the wrong mentality, maybe I should be having something else even if I'm not hungry???

well done on your first day! i was the same with snacks, i found i wanted something to last me till lunch but in the afternoon i wasnt hungry - possibly because of the amount of water i drunk or the fact that i purposly kept myself busy i dont know!!
maybe it will change day to day!

well done anyway - keep going :D

Thanks every body for the support!

Thought I'd share with you that the other half has started, what has officialy been called "bottom watch".

He has always been a little obsessed with the vast amount of back-side i manage to carry round with me!! "It's ok when you have clothes on" he actually used these words (cheaky sod!)

Him being the ever so sceptical male, does not believe i can do this. Unlike me, and im sure you lot aswell, I have every faith that i CAN do it (loose weight and shrink my back-side in to a nice pair of size 12's!!!!).

So after this conversation he decided to measure my bottom to see if there is any improvement/shrinkage over the next few weeks/months. Measuring in at 116cm(46 inches) in circumfrence...... lets prove him wrong!!!

lol cheeky git,, you need to get him to buy you something extra nice and expensive when the botty shrinks as a punishment to him for being sceptical
Day 2 has gone well, bit more of a struggle though today.

B - Cafe latte shake
S - Apple
L - Chocolate shake
S - Banana
D - Cajan salmon, new potatoes, broccoli and califlower.

And loads of water!!!

Went to the gym early this morning so I could enjoy the sun this afternoon... Which was nice sat out in the garden with a good book!

Struggling now, I've had my dinner and I'm still hungry :-( so tempted to have some ice cream with the other half, but I really shouldn't, it's only my second day I can't cheat this early on!!!

Hope everyone else is getting on ok
have you got any low cal fizzy drinks you can have? or what about making up some sugar free jelly with diet lemonade. almost calorie free and works wonders if you are craving sweet things
i dont see any reason why thats not fine
well done on your second day, you only had 2 snacks yesterday so you could have had a little sumthin sumthin last night!!
good luck for day 3!!:D

Another really good day!

Loving this diet, I enjoy the shakes, realy appreciating the food that I am eating and I'm feeling great!

B - Shake - Cafe Latte and chocolate mixed together
S - Apple
L - Shake
S - Banana
D - Sweet chilly pawns, new potatoes, broccoli and califlower

Done my 40 mins at the gym also.

Little nervous about tomorrow, it's my first day back at work since starting the diet, hope I'll manage with the energy levels!!! I've got 4 12hour shifts in a row tomorrow, Friday and then Saturday and Sunday night...... How I'm going to manage a night shift I've no idea!!!

Hope alls well
well done Lottie, your doing great!
I can see your point about work but i wouldnt worry till you go back, it might be easier than you think, as long as you go armed with your shakes and snacks you should be ok, it might be a bit hard at first (where do you work?is there temptation?)but by tomorrow your already half way through week one (yay)!!


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