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Lottyfern & the big breakfast wk 2


Week 2 and 5lb loss this is a incredible diet never in my many years struggling with my weight have I lost so much in such a short time. I know it will probably slow down as I get nearer to my goal, but this raped weigh loss is driving me onwards, I'm so focused that I can sit and watch people scoff anything in front of me. This week at work 3 of the girls I go to tea break with had full breakfasts, and I mean full it was a mountain of food,:eat: I on the other hand had my food bar, looking at them eating all that food I thought, how I would have felt after so much in my belly and then having to go back to work:sign0137: They all said after eating it that they felt stuffed and didn't want to move, I on the other hand felt great not bloated, stuffed, heart burn or any of the things I would have had if I would have joined them in there mountain of food. Soooooooo glad I'm on LL.:character00100:
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Hi lotty, you are doing fab, im feeling the same as you, its not bothering me watching others eat, & im thinking im glad i dont feel all bloated & full, evert now * then smells get me, but the feeling doesnt last long.
You know what i think we are going to do this!:party0011: :party0049:
I dont think we r going to do this I know we r going to do this LOL


likes posting.
Its the best diet i have ever done. Its funny cos when it gets too monday afternoon i start too get worried, thinking i hope i,ve lost weight.I think its from other slimming clubs i,ve gone to in the past, its still hard to believe we can drop so much weight so fast.


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I was at work yesterday and everyone was eating chocolate biscuits:party0051: . I wasn't at all bothered and felt really in control. Four weeks ago I would have joined them and probably eaten more than any of them and then felt terrible afterwards knowing i shouldn't have eaten any (that vicious circle!!!) .This diet is so fantastic and I know I can do it which is something I've never been able to say to myself!:clap: :clap: :D


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I think it's a great diet too but most of the time I am wiped out!!!

Like you all, I too don't envy others their nosh and am very focussed and determined. But it would be so nice to have a little more energy.

I had a bath about an hour ago and that took it out of me. Walking up stairs leaves me knackered.

It's not a lack of fitness - even before losing my 25 lbs :party0011: I exercised 4/5 times a week and was very aerobically fit - I could out walk anybody (and I could leave them all standing in the gym - I used to see the 'newbees' - all young, slim and lycra clad - turn up for the first time, scan the room and gauge the 'competition'. I could see them study us more mature ladies (over 30!!!) and decide that one middle aged overweight woman (Moi) was bound to struggle.

:D - Well, I loved it!!!!!!!!!! I could wipe the floor with them. They would try to keep up and compete but I never lost :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D and at the end when they headed for the door all red faced and out of puff I'd just smile to myself.

Lets just hope that nobody wants a competition this evening - I am working up to climbing the stairs to have a pee!!!

LL works but it costs in tems of energy levels - certainly in the short term.
Good for u possum showing all them yongsters a thing or 2 :rotflmao: LOL I hope your energy levels go up soon. I have times when I feel drained I just sit down for a while and drink more water sometimes it works


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I think what I need is a big bowl of porridge!!!

' Just come back from the gym and am knackered - why do I do it to myself???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know why really ....... I want to keep as toned as possible. Because of my regular gym going over the past 8/9 years I have great muscle definition but it has mostly (not always but mostly) been hidden under a layer of FAT!!!! So as I rid myself of the FAT I want to ensure that what is underneath is as firm as possible.

The Summer is coming and I want to really enjoy it this year and that means a nice new wardrobe - size 12 :character00238:

I'll let you all know if it works!!! :( If you don't hear back from me you'll know that I have died trying :eek: .

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I know what you mean fatpossom, I am constantly tired, I have no energy, and the last three stairs kill me, good job we've got a downstairs loo!
I used to go to the gym 3 times a week before starting this diet, now I only manage once a week.
I'm full of determination, my bag is by the door, but I am just too knackered to go out the door.
I sleep for England, which I never did before.
But I'm not too bothered because I want to lose weight more than anything.
Ahh yes, the stairs! Apparently (according to my gym woman) its because you use lots of muscles & are effectvely liftig your body weight! Hang in there girls & well done Lottyfern! Certainly is wrth it!
Cheers In Search Of Me I agree its worth it

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