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Love life lighter!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by miss14, 4 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    So I've been posting on here for a few days on a 'blog' of my own, but would like to move to this forum as I love that people support each other so well! Basically, I have been doing SW since Saturday 1st Feb and am planning to write on here most days about my food intake etc. Don't feel like I have lost anything in these 4 days but am going to keep going! Weigh in is going to be Wednesdays for me (I'm doing the plan at home) so going to weigh myself tomorrow and see. I started on Saturday at 11st 2.25lbs. My eating for today:

    Breakfast: Muller light yogurt and frozen berries
    Snack: Banana
    Lunch: Tuna & sweetcorn salad, 1 pear
    Snack: 2 boiled eggs (after the gym)
    Tea: SW Chilli and quinoa. 1 toffee muller light + options hot choc (2 syns)

    I am doing my syns weekly rather than daily, so I have had 60.5 already out of a potential 105. Today will make it 62.5 syns, but will 'start again' tomorrow as it's my weigh day. But that's fine because that would make my syn amount approz 15 per day :)
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  3. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Good luck for your first WI. This is definitely the right place for support. And many of us can relate to feeling like you are not losing anything, hopefully the scales will prove u wrong x

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  4. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Today went very well! After some inspirational words from fellow minmins, I am officially on track for my first weight loss! Weighed myself this morning and had put on 3 lbs since Saturday - but that's probably the blow outs I have had since then! So going to draw a line under it and be happy and motivated until next week. Today's gone well!

    Breakfast: Bran Flakes (HEXB) and milk (HEXA) and frozen berries
    Snack: Banana
    Dinner: A nice big salad (lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, celery, sweetcorn) with some ham and 2 boiled eggs
    Tea: Grilled turkey steak with a jacket sweet potato and frozen vegetables and BBQ sauce (2syns). A chocolate orange muller light yogurt with strawberries and a sachet of hot chocolate to mix in (2 syns)

    So 4 syns today, happy with that!
    I also went to the gym today for the first time in ages. I went for a little jog (killed me, but better than I expected) and then to a half hour Legs Bums and Tums class. Was really good, and the gym instructor was really really nice. Felt amazing afterwards!

    Hope everyone has had a good SW day :)
  5. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Thanks Maverick, only just seen this comment! I'm now subscribing to you so I can keep updated on your progress :) your doing so well!
  6. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Good day again today! Although I find myself overly hungry when I get in from work, around the 5pm mark. Too early for tea but snacking doesn't seem to fill the gap too much! Any ideas? (thats not fruit, I can't afford any more!)

    Breakfast: Muller light + frozen berries
    Snack: Alphen bar (half HEXB)
    Dinner: Spicy Sweet & Sour Mugshot, a banana, other alphen bar (HEXB)
    Snacks: (this is after work) 4 crisp breads (4 syns) with philidelphia (HEXA), 2 pears, 2 boiled eggs
    Tea: Chilli (made with pork/beef mince, not lean, so 6.5 syns) with quinoa and vegetables. Grapes

    So about 10.5 syns today, which is good as I'm aiming for about 10 this week. Felt quite tired today but just think its because it's the end of a working week for me.. well, one job. I work another job at weekends, so don't actually get a full day off. Keeps me busy though! So I'm in bed and ready for a nice long sleep now! Going to spinning in the morning at my new gym which is exciting, but it's going to kill me! Looking forward to it though. And hopefully going into the travel agents to look at holidays! So definitely need this weight to be off by July, I am not being the biggest one in my group!
    Hope everyone has had a good day :)
  7. fat2go

    fat2go Full Member

    Hi :)

    Why is 5 pm too early for you to get yourself tea? One of the little changes you could make is have your tea earlier - so you're eating the bigger meal a fair time before you go to bed. If you have the snacks later (rather than your tea) then that'll be better for you...At my worst I could go to bed minutes after eating huge snacks and that's why I'm now not allowing myself to eat a good couple of hours before I go to bed.

    ....Just a thought :)
  8. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Well I always try to have my tea at around 7pm, because otherwise I get hungry later on before bed.. but I might actually try and have it a little earlier so my main meal fills me up for a few hours. Then maybe I wouldn't snack as much? I am on night shifts over the weekend so timing etc gets messed up, but I will let you know next week! Thanks for the advice :)
  9. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    For me, I finish work an hour earlier on a Friday and for some reason I'm always hungry when I get home, even tho I don't have my lunch any earlier. Funny thing is I don't usually finish work and feel hungry, I think it's psychological. But I do try to make my Friday snack be fruit and maybe a hi fi bar. Even then, it can spoil my tea, last Friday I wasn't hungry at tea time so ended up having supernoodles as a meal later on!!

    I think there's nothing wrong with snacking if you're hungry, I couldn't eat my main meal at 5pm, I'd be starving later on. I'd also maybe suggest eating more at lunchtime? I don't find mug shots that filling and you don't have much else there.

    Food for thought as it were ;)

    Have a good weekend, don't work too hard!! xxx
  10. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Didn't get a chance to update yesterday, so heres what I ate:
    Breakfast: 1 banana
    Snack: Cereal bar (5.5 syns)
    Lunch: Ham sandwich (wholemeal bread HEXB) with cottage cheese (HEXA), carrots and celery sticks with coronation dressing (4 syns)
    Tea: 2 bacon, 3 quorn sausages, tinned spagetti hoops, grilled tomatos, 2 poached eggs

    Snacks in work (not sure if this applies to yesterday or today as it was a night shift so technically today): 1 quavers (4.5 syns), apple, 2 boiled eggs.

    And now I am just tucking into some breakfast after my night shift. Really hard working days and nights because I don't know when my day starts/begins so not sure which day my syns apply to! But I'll just add them to whichever day is the least syns haha.

    Breakfast: Muller light, frozen berries, handful of bran flakes (half HEXB)
    Snack: Banana
    Tea: Chicken in peri peri rub, a sweet jacket potato and some frozen veg. Muller lights + options hot chocolate (2 syns)
    Snacks in work: Apple, quavers (4.5 syns), mug shot

    Thats today and yesterday anyway. Still don't feel like I am loosing weight though which is a bit disheartening. I was thinking that it might be because before I started SW, I used to use starvation type very low calorie diets and never ever used to eat carbs such as pasta, bread, cereal, potatoes.. So it might be my body getting used to normal food again? I'm not sure. Just hoping for a weight loss on Wednesday! Will keep being good :)
    Have a nice day everyone, night night!
  11. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Food looks yummy!! Just one thing tho, cottage cheese isn't a hea, if it's low fat/virtually fat free then it's free :)

    Hope the scales are kind to you on Wed, I'm sure they will be if you keep up the good work!! xx
  12. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Ahh thanks for that! I love the stuff and have the light version with pineapple - gorgeous!

    Minor change to the eating plan for today, had some carrots + cottage cheese for a snack as I woke earlier than I thought. Going to take a banana, apple and cereal bar for my snacks in work tonight instead of quavers :)

    Think I am going to count the syns I use in the night at work for 'tomorrows' day, just to keep myself on track. So that will be 6.5 syns for today :)
  13. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Another successful SW day I believe :)

    Snacks at work (3am): Banana, cereal bar (5.5 syns), 1 piece of buttered bread (1+5 syns) with ham, 1 biscuit (2 syns), 3 chocolate buttons (1 syn)
    Breakfast: Branflakes (HEXB) and milk (HEXA) and frozen berries
    Lunch: Carrot sticks and cottage cheese
    Tea: Biggggggg omelette with chicken, red pepper, red onion, sweetcorn and tomato, with lettuce. One baked apple with sultanas
    Snack: Muller light and options hot chocolate (2syns)

    So gone over my syns slightly at a grand total of 16.5, however as I have not had my full amount the last few days think this will be fine. Was so temped in work to eat snacky things, they are about everywhere! I was quite proud of myself though - only ate half a sandwich, one biscuit, and 3 chocolate buttons. AND there was donuts going round! I have found that SW is really quite exciting me, I'm dyingggggggg to see a weight loss this week though to really boost me! Am *slightly* feeling that I am loosing weight, but not sure if that is because I am eating until I am full not until I am stuffed, so no more bloatedness. We will see though! It is someones birthday in work tomorrow so I know there will be cake in the office. Going to try and stay strong, however if I am really tempted will only have a small piece and use all my syns around that. We shall see what comes though!

    Hope everyones had a great weekend and happy sunday! :)
  14. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Did u syn the baked apple n sultanas?? Not free in afraid. You can have cooked fruit as a heb but I think you already had that?

    Sorry to be a party pooper!!

    Hope u got on ok today and manage to avoid the cake!! Xx

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  15. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    No wayyyyy! I thought fruit was free as long as it wasn't tinned! Well thats an extra load of syns I didn't account for. Ahh well, its all a learning curve I suppose! Thanks for letting me know, I won't be making that mistake again.

    Today I have been quite low in energy and generally not wanting to do much! Monday after all eh.
    Breakfast: Muller lights and frozen berries
    Dinner: Mug shot, banana, LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE (oops - couldn't resist! I found out that a slice of homemade is around 10 syns, so hopefully about that mark)
    Snacks: Apple, 2 alphen bars (HEXB)
    Tea: Grilled peri peri turkey steak, sweet jacket potato and frozen veg. Muller light with berries and an options hot chocolate (HEXA for milk + 2 syns)

    So felt pretty naughty today because of the cake. However the main thing I have been thinking about is that although I had the cake, I didn't blow it for the rest of the day! I took into account the syns and stayed on track, which I am so pleased with. Last week I would have eaten the cake, then went to the shops after work and bought a huge binge, plus an unhealthy tea. I am really pleased with that, loving SW! Also went to a spinning class which was really hard, so hopefully that has helped. Getting weighed on Wednesday so going to try and have a light day tomorrow - salads, lots of super free.
    Last edited: 11 February 2014
  16. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    The ultimate question.. DO I HAVE CAKE TODAY? The cake from yesterday seems to be sticking around in work (there are only 3 people in our office) so it is on offer today. I get weighed tomorrow morning and want a loss. I feel like I have lost weight from last week definitely, and have worked out that the cake will be 13 syns (260 calories so working it out by the 20cal=1syn rule) .. so do I have it or do I stick to my free foods day with no syns?! My food plan for today is:

    Breakfast: Cereal (HEXB) with a yogurt and berries
    Snack: Apple
    Lunch: Chicken tikka salad (with lettuce, tomato, sweetcorn, pepper, celery, no dressing)
    Snack: Banana
    Tea: Roasted chicken breast with frozen vegetables. One muller light.

    What do you guys think?
  17. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Lol I'm having a very similar dilemma myself today... Gahhhhhh!! Xx

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  18. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Haha, how did you do Maverick?

    I did NOT eat the cake! Mainly because I got super busy in work so didn't really have time to think about it, but still.. an achievement haha. Really fancied something naughty all day as well, not sure why as I thought I would be really motivated with it being WI tomorrow. I think I have a habit of sabotaging myself, but not sure why. Didn't give in though, even though I had to go into the shop (always my downfall, I alway always want to buy treats for the walk home!) and I just got what I needed and got out of there. It's the little achievements like that that I am most proud of! Anyway, food today:

    Breakfast: Bran Flakes (HEXB) with muller light and frozen berries
    Snack: Apple
    Dinner: Chicken tikka salad. one banana
    Snack: Cereal bar (5.5 syns), muller light
    Tea: Roast chicken with roast carrots and mixed veg. Another muller light!
    Snack: One hot chocolate (2 syns) with sugar (2 syns) and milk (HEXA)

    So more syns than I wanted today but still stuck to it! Reaaaaally hoping for a weight loss tomorrow morning.. 3lbs would be amazing, but I would settle for anything as long as it's a loss! Good luck for tomorrow everyone who weighs :)

    Also, I am going away tomorrow afternoon until Friday afternoon to stay with friends. Whilst I am there I usually eat my weight's worth in pizza! I will be drinking A LOT tomorrow night but sticking to vodka and diet mixer hopefully. Taking some pasta n sauce sachets which I can make up for tea, but then my boyfriend is making tea Thursday so not sure what to expect really. Will hopefully be able to syn everything and play catch up next week. I will probably look at my week's syns as 105 for the week rather than daily this week, so I have the extra to spend these next few days.
  19. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Weigh in for me….. 2lb loss! Very very VERY happy bunny this morning! Decided that my aim for Feb is to be in the 10st bracket, which leaves me with 3lbs left to loose. Yay!

    I'm going away tonight so do not want to blow it and put this weight back on next week, but still want to be able to have a good time. So am going to try success express when I come back (starting Saturday) to hopefully play catch up. Hoping for a 1lb loss next week. Will try and post on here but may not be able to.

    Hope everyone has a good day!
  20. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Ohhhhh no.. I have been very very naughty! So I went to visit my friends and boyfriend Wednesday-Saturday.. And let's say I completly 'forgot' to syn anything! And the thought of trying to do it now kills me so have just decided that I have had all my syns (plus a good few extras) for the week. As from now until Wednesday morning I am going to try not to eat any syns at all, and eat more super free foods! I don't feel too guilty as I had a really really nice few days, got very drunk, saw lots of my friends, generally had a great time. Coming back home and going straight into a 12 hour night shift has made me so depressed. But at the minute it's making me more focused to do well! Must make sure not to emotionally eat. I would ideally love a weight loss this week, even if it's only 0.5lbs as my goal is to fit into an old dress by the 15th march (I'm going to a wedding!) so need to loose around 6lbs I think. Let's do this!
  21. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Good luck with your mini target, I know how tough it can be when you are around temptation, but it's done now. Back ont he wagon til WI and you never know, the Gods may be looking down on you ;) xx

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