Love staffies would have this breed time and time again

Discussion in 'Pets Corner' started by Sp33dybabycakes, 26 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Sp33dybabycakes

    Sp33dybabycakes Full Member

    I have a beautiful 9 year old staff , we rescued him, the best decision I ever made he was abused by previous owners and neglected. Breaks my heart he was just 10 kilos when we took him home nearly 2 years on he's former self is a mere shadow he now weighs a very healthy 22kilos for his build he should weigh between 20-25 kilos so he's good and very happy gentle loving boy . He took to my kids really well and is the protector and best friend to my disabled son. :) . We got a lot of stick taking him on but being the beaut he is he changed the opinion of his breed to most of my family and friend even the I laws so much so they are looking after him whilst we go away, ( we took him on holiday last year but he didn't like it) result!!!! Always loved staffies not loved there stigma I know I'm not the only one. I feel any dog can be dangerous it's how you bring them up sick of the wrong end of the lead being blamed. My pooch was attacked by a diff breed that was off the lead whilst my boy was on it yet the owner of the other dog saw it fit to blame my dog because of his breed was not amused irresponsible dog owners suck x
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  3. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    I'm currently looking after my daughter and son in laws Staffie while they are on holiday. She is an absolute dream. Her nature is wonderful.
    She was bred and bred untill he had made them enough money then turfed out on the streets, her teats were nearly scraping the floor when my son in law found her in a rescue centre.
    She is completely adorable, i will be very said to hand her back when they come home but it has given me and my partner a lot to think about. We were going to get a GSD pup.....but we shall see :)
  4. Sp33dybabycakes

    Sp33dybabycakes Full Member

    They are beautiful dogs, they are treated so bad I rescued Kano best thing I did x
  5. becki2009

    becki2009 Gold Member

    I have a staffie. She is my baby :)
  6. Tinx

    Tinx Full Member

    My aunt always had Staffies and they are wonderful with children. Great little dogs and I have no idea why people think they are 'dangerous' It's the owners who are the trouble.
  7. Cranberrie

    Cranberrie Full Member

    When we were looking to adopt my husband badly wanted a staffie but I'm ashamed to say out of pure ignorance I totally discriminated against them. However since we got a dog (not quite sure what he is but his notes say Cockapoo - looks nothing like one) we have met so many beautiful staffies in the park who have an amazing temperament and are just gorgeous, I've taken a total U-turn on them and would take on a staffie in a heartbeat.
  8. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Horrible stigma attached, which is odd because they were actually a breed used for nanny dogs, specifically for looking after children because they were so gentle! I think because of the way they look, squat and chunky that people tend to buy them as a status symbol rather than for family pets and that's where it comes from, either the type of owners who'd have a status dog aren't nurturing it or are cruel and thus create aggressive dogs because that's what they want to enhance the way people see them.

    Admittedly, I did find staffies quite intimidating before getting my own dogs, but again I think that's due to how they are perceived, I've never met a staffie who was anything but soppy and gentle.

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