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Love this way of eating!

So after years and years of being obese (morbidly so), and after years and years of trying WW, Atkins, and a few other plans - I finally decided to give Paleo a bash.

And I have not looked back since.

I have yet to hit the gym, and I have lost just over two stone. I am pretty hard core on Paleo, except that I DO have dairy (small amounts of cheese, and a full glass of milk per day).

Anything that comes out of a box, can, jar, wrapper, or other such manmade container - I do not touch it. I follow the general rule of "if this is manmade, I don't touch it". When I go shopping i look for items that are in their natural state and not messed with by man.

I feel great, have energy, eat a whole avocado a day (frowned upon usually due to fat content), I have a banana with cream daily (careful of which cream used as many are laced with sugar), i eat the skin on chicken, lots of olive oil, and loads of fresh produce.

For once in my life i am beating this weight problem!! So happy!! :D:D:D
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Your story is similar to mine... I love the energy paleo gives me... I never feel deprived... I eat from mt butcher and from my organic veg box in the week and have a little treart at the weekend!! I love it!!! X

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
turned to paleo/ primal almost 2 months ago and although ive been on holiday i havent craved / or diverted off plan , i did have some pizza in civichavechia (best pizza in the world !!) as much to see how my previously dodgy tum would react ..... never again , ive felt so great since switching and that gave me bloating pain and cramp for a full 3 days . why would i choose to do that to myself again , no more wheat for me :0D feel full of bounce , alove and raring to go x
I think before i started this plan i just felt crap ALL the time.... its only now I feel great all the time that i notice how horrid some foods make me feel..... White bread cripples me for days!!!



sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
exactly !!! youve so hit the nail on the head , i didnt know how terrible i felt all the time until now . ive been hospitalized 3 times over the years with undiagnosed stomach problems but had a terrible bloated tum all the time , i only see now that its not normal .

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