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love this!


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Just thought I'd say how much I love slimming world! I'm eating so much! I haven't cooked so much in years, syn free kfc, quiche, syn free pizza and I've only been on it 3 days hehe second time I've done this and its easier somehow ten years later. Oh doing it too which makes it even more fun! Roll on weigh in on the wii on thursday...,now what to have for tea?? :D
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That's the kind of thread I like! Joining SW again this week for first time in seven years... Glad to know it's working out for someone - bet you can't wait for your first weigh in! Good luck x


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Loving it too :) Today is the start of the 4th week this time round, the longest I've stuck it! I have thew bf on board this time which is helping a lot. Lost 11lb so far :D

The food bill has doubled but we are eating LOADS and I've enjoyed cooking again, even tho most days it really is a struggle to be bothered after a busy day at work but at least I'm learning to plan ahead where I can. It's certainly been worth the effort so far :)


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I totally agree ... I've tried a few things but this is the only one I haven't been hungry on and feel in control.


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i would usually feel guilty about eating, through years of bad diets. on the sw i want to eat more! just made a late night snack of garlic and lemon grass prawns, dry fried with some marrow .....run a pub so i have silly eating times....sat here with a pomegranite now!!! i havent stopped munching!!! whooo will let you know how i get on on thursday,...im not expecting a lot if anything as i have just come off a tfr diet so i hadnt eaten anything solid for a while!!! (the things we do!.....or did!)
I just don't get how slimming world works?
Do you not mix protien and carbs?


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to me its about making the right choices, so while yes there are red and green days you can still mix proteins and carbs, on a red day for eg you can have i think 100g pasta ...its about not eating to much of it, while on a green day you can have unlimited pasta but a small portion of eg tuna.....its about being satisfied with what you are eating so you dont eat lots of high fat foods. the syns are great as you can still have treat like choc but you just thnk about the syn value so you dont go ott like so many of us do. Im so full with what i eat that i dont even crave maccy d's any more!!
I love it too - some of the girls I work with are on various other diets and they're always moaning about how hungry they are. I could not live like that!
Fingers crossed you get the loss you want! I am still in first week diet mode and am prob not eating as much as I should be :(
I'm just finishing my second week so I'm new to it too and I'm finding it easier than previous diets I've tried. I find tho that whilst I'm not hungry I can't get my head round how much I can eat so I'm probably not eating enough!

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