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Love you and Leave you

This is my 2nd day on the diet and have been struggling. I assumed it was just to do with my 1st day yesterday but it was actually worse today.

My previous experience with these diets tells me that if your head isnt in the right place then its not the right time.

Im thinking of going back to SlimFast till after the new year and then maybe have a new start next year.

Well done to all of you who have stuck to this long term. Masses of respect for you all.

Lisa xx
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On A Mission!
I hope you stick at it Lisa, the first few days are hard no doubt, but it does get easier.

Give it a chance, by Christmas you could have lost well over a stone. Give up now and by Christmas you could be the same weight, or more, than you are now.

Slimfast contains sugar, so is not going to help you overcome carb cravings and wont get you into ketosis. You dont have to be all or nothing on exante either, i couldnt do it 100%, but i have 1 every morning for breakfast and stick to low carb for the rest of the day. It does take some superhuman effort to do it 100%, but how about alternating a day of exante with a day of low carb eating? That way you will still get into ketosis and get the benefit of that, but get to eat food too.

I got a book today called Neris and India's idiot proof Diet, this is based on low carb eating and is a very interesting and entertaining read, and may appeal to you more than a total food replacemetn solution.

You are right that your head has to be in the right place as well, and if you are really not mentally prepared for it then no amount of encouragement is going to get you there. Only you know what you really really want.

I really wish you all the best in what you decide to do.
You are totally right in that if your head isn't in the right place then it's not the right time to try this diet as you will only struggle and end up making yourself feel worse :(

Good luck with whatever you decide to do now and in the new year.
Oh hun, that's not good :-(
It's day two for me and I'm loving it, but I know I have to do this as I need to lose the weight quick. Are you sure you want to give up on day two? If only you could hold out a couple of days, the feeling you get once you're in ketosis is amazing. I wonder if you experienced that you may change your mind ?
Plus you've paid out for it, and that's a lot to lose....
Whatever you've decided take care hun and all the best
I do think day 2 is a bit early to decide its not for you. Personally Id give it a week at least before giving up on it - especially for something like Slimfast.

If youre really struggling why not try working solution and have a low carb meal every day as well as the packs - at least that way you havent wasted all the money you spent on Exante.

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