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LoveIt's Highs and Lows of Getting to 9st.7lb - HEY HUNNIES I'M HOME! xxxxx


Me on the right! x
Hey everyone,
So this is the start of my diary that I can keep of track of how I've been doing and share my ups and downs - probably more downs of dieting!!
So I started CD the beginning of May and lost 11lbs - but I didnt stick to it at all so decided to save my pennies and start WW!
The week inbetween I managed to gain 5lbs and so now I'm back at 11.11 and depressed!! :cry:
Laying in bed this morning I was grabbing the fat around my hips - all lumpy and gross!! And only 7 weeks untill I go on holiday!!!!! Argh! :eek:

I've done WW before when I was 15 (always been a porker even as a child!) and lost 2st and got down to 9st4lb - the lightest I've EVER been since the age of 7!! (or quite young anyway! :eek: )

So I'm back!!!!!...........................

I'm Candace and I'm 26 years old from Twickenham - I work in London in the Banking/Systems industry and love my job as a Business Analyst!

I love going to the gym - but I love my food more so the gym work never seems to cancel out the food and wine I stuff into my podge! :rolleyes:

I'm due to get married next May to my boyf who I've been with nearly 10 years and really want to be a skinny bride!!

My motivation is to be toned and gorgeous for own self confidence but obviously the whole fitting into a wedding dress thang helps! :D


So first WI was Wednesday 18th - so I started on Thursday.... had a really good day and stuck to 18 points. I'm going to do 18 points for the first week as a kickstart and then I'm on 19 points for the rest of my life! :p

So day 1 was weetabix and fruit, then houmous and oat cakes with a can of half point soup and dinner was chicken salad.

Day 2 I started in the gym - 20min run and an hour of weights. Weetabix for breakie and then out to lunch at 12:30..... it was a colleagues b'day so we had drinks and food - I had multiple glasses of red wine and a cajun chik burger - that I cut in half and gave other half to friend - but then I went onto Jack daniels and Diet Cokes - then it was 5:30 and time to go home... NOT good!!
My boyfriend got a new job too so we had friends round to celebrate... obviously I'd had enough to drink so I went onto water but I did have THREE slices of stuffed crust pizza!!!! :eek:
So points def out of the window!!! And we're only on day 2! :sigh: So far so good? NOT!!! :mad:

So day 3 and I feel VERY fat!!

Had a bacon sandwich for breakfast - healthy eating bacon so okay points wise - and I've got an AMAZING ready meal from Tesco - Chick in tom and basil sauce with roasted potaoes - only 4 points!! So with a side salad it'll be a HUGE dinner with low points! Need to cut back on the points today to make up for yesterday's LARDY blip! (It was a nice LARDY blip though!! ;) )

Doing housework today so that's a little exercise but tomorrow I'm going to do a 40min cycle to Bushy Park then do a 5k run and cycle back.... that should take care of the pizza points!! :confused: Hopefully!!

So, hopefully the next few days are good as I want a HUGE first loss in my first week - my goal is a crazy 5-7lbs - doubt that will happen after yesterday but I like to give myself a challenge.....


Hope everyone is having a good weekend and being good... it's so nice to be human again at the weekends after doing CD.

Onwards and downwards fellow WW losers!!

BIG love.
xxxxxxxxxxx :girlpower:
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Hello LoveIt!

Well done on your weightloss so far and welcome to WWs!
Congratulation on your upcoming wedding, I bet youll be slim and gorgeous for it :)
Draw a line under your bad day, its not the end of the world and u can maybe cut back a point or two for the rest of the week, drink plenty of water etc and sure you'll see a loss.

Good Luck xxx


Me on the right! x
Thanks for the comments girlies... I do hope to be a slim bride!! :)

Trying to scrape back on my points after my Friday binge, I've been on about 13-14 pts yesterday and today and gained about 8 bonus points from exercise so I'm getting there! Went on a lovely bike ride with my nephew that took 45 minutes there and then back again and I did a 5k run too so all good... wont be able to walk tomorrow but feel good now! :)
My poor little nephew though.. he's only 8 and cycled about 25k! Hope he can get up for school!

Need to be more determined with my food next week... I want a loss on Wednesday night!!!!! Its all very well exercising but Pizza Hut will not make me a loser! :) xxxxx

Hope everyone else is doing well.. hopefully I'll get a chance to catch up on everyones diarys tomorrow at work..hehe... got to have my Sunday night school night bath now! Ha.

Sweet dreams all. xxxxx
Oh my lord, that is a LOT of exercise!! Well done you! I can't even run 5m, let alone 5k.....seriously! Lol!

Good luck on your ww journey - sounds like you're off to a really great start :)


Me on the right! x
Oh my lord, that is a LOT of exercise!! Well done you! I can't even run 5m, let alone 5k.....seriously! Lol!

Good luck on your ww journey - sounds like you're off to a really great start :)
Thanks hun - I wanted a HUGE loss in my first week but that aint gonna happen now! Booo!! :mad:

I have 3 days now though to pull my finger out before Wednesday weigh-in....

Being good today, muesli, tuna wrap, apple, satsuma and yoghurt then veg omlette and salad tonight - NO ICECREAMS honest going to the gym in a bit too - just 40mins mixed cardio and some sit-ups so hopefully that will knock some of my points off.

Feeling positive today though so thats the main thing, although I don't feel any slimmer... why do I always expect MIRACLES after 4 days of dieting?? Lol.

Oh well heres to a good evening (thats when I go downhill!) I'm going to buy some Options hot choc so I can have that as a treat tonight... Mmmmmm hot choc!! :p

Hope everyone else is having a good Monday!!!

BIG love n support! xxxxx


Me on the right! x
PS - sorry about the random text sizing....... I'm [email protected] at computers... you wouldn't think I did a Business IT degree! Ha!! Crazy! xx


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Well done so far and good luck!!
S: 15st2.0lb C: 14st12.0lb G: 12st0.0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st4lb(1.89%)
I should think you'll be ok by WI and you might even hit the big loss you're after.

Sending you lots of positive thoughts for Wednesday.



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Thanks - I'll have everything crossed!!
Going to measure myself tonight too so I can see if I have any inch losses over teh next few weeks - I exercise quite a bit and I know this slows down weight loss sometimes so hopefully inch loss will keep me going when this happens... if it ever happens!! Lol!
Night girlies... have a good evening. xx


nearly there!! :)
awh crap was only settling down to read your diary and got ta the end haha your doin really well. hopefully the exercise will help keep ur points in check and make u have a loss good luck x
Measuring yourself is a really good idea, because like you say, exercise tends to slow down weight loss by speed up inch loss....it's definitely a good idea to take down your measurement when you're working out so hard. I don't bother with mine, because the only exercise I get is walking from the sofa, to the fridge, then back again, Lol!!
S: 15st2.0lb C: 14st12.0lb G: 12st0.0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st4lb(1.89%)
Maybe I should measure myself, so when I don't lose I don't get so down. Wii Fit appears to be trimming me down so far.

Good luck for todays WI.



Me on the right! x
Thanks hun... yeah I really want to get a Wii Fit but I dont get home from work untill 7:15pm and I try to gym before work and/or at lunch times so won't feel like being active in the evenings too. REALLY want one though but dont think I'll get my moneys worth out of it. Maybe I'll wait till xmas and ask Mummy for one! :) x

Sooooo... tonight's the night and I'm not feeling too confident, everyone else that is exercising is staying the same and after my '41 points Friday' and 2 ice creams Sunday, I think the damage has already been done!! :-(
But if I STS then it will be the kick up the backside that I need! So I'll try not to see it as a negative.

I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow a.m as I have the girls round for dinner tonight - I always have the night off after my WI so I have the rest of the week to be good! :)

Cross everything for me girls.... I think I'm gonna need it!!!!! xxxxx


Me on the right! x
6lbs down in first week... wooohoooo!! xxxxx

Well I'm writing in pink today to reflect my 'over the moon' mood.

Wowzers, I weighed in at 11.5 last night so that's 6lbs down!!

I can't tell you how pleased I am... I was so worried after my '41 points Friday' and the ice cream fest Sunday... and the fact that exercise can sometimes have a negative effect on your losses. :character00115:


So I celebrated with a full fat quiche, salad and a few vods last night - oh and a packet of small geezers for dessert!! :D They were LUSH!!!!! :gimi:

So celebrations over and today I've decided to stay on 18pts for a second week - so its weetabix, houmous and carrot sticks and wagamamas for dinner... but I'm just having the Chilli Chicken Men which is 9.5 points so within my daily allowance! Yay!

Had a 7am conference call with Australia this a.m so no gym this morning but I've got a personal training boxing session at 1pm so that should score me a few bonus points!! :crazy:

I love WW!! I didnt even lose 6lbs in my first week on CD! I think exercise really gives me a boost and I was too tired to exercise on CD.

We've got the boyf Mum and grandparents round for dinner Saturday and tey always have Steak Saturday night so boyf said to get steak, oven chips onion rings etc..... he said I know you can't have it but you can just have something else... I was like HELLO I'm on weight watchers?! I can have ALL of that!! He was very surprised as he's used to my crazy diets where it's impossible to eat 'normally'.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chuffed!!
**gloating over**

Loulabella - I got the Shopping guide.. it is VERY good.. has everything you could ever need in it and it covers Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and branded food...... disappointing bit was that my Muller Rice's are 4 bloody points!! I only had them down as 3 :sigh: oh well better to find out now I guess.

Hope all you other Wednesday weigh-ins were successful!

Roll on next week... I'm getting my silver 7!! :party0049:

PS - **EXCITEMENT** Bon Jovi at Twickenham tomorrow! Wooohooo!! xxxxx
S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
:happy096::happy096: well done!!!!


Me on the right! x
Ah thanks shrinking.. I'm VERY pleased as you can tell! :) x

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