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Lovely skin!


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Yeah i have found that 2 its great i aint worn foundation for the last 3 day 2 coz its so glowy! skinny and good skin what more can we ask!?


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hi Flame,
Oh yes, fab skin now and hair also. Water plumps up the cells and therefore it improves the skin. Although I knew this and loved water always I still never drank enough of it, too busy drinking fizzy drinks, but no more eh !!


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Am beginning to love being on LT, tis bloody fantastic! :happy096:

I have a bit of acne on my back and chest (very attractive at 37 years old!) and they are nearly all gone, must have been all the crap I was eating! :)


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Yeah me too, my skin is nice, my hair is great and my nails are really strong too. I reckon it's all those vitamins, minerals and water we're getting through


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Hi Lou, just had a look at your pics of the jewellery you make, tis absolutely beautiful x:)


Here we go again!
My skin has been good on LT too. Used to have a few spots but not anymore. I also love LT, so many good side effects!
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Water is amazing. . . .I cant believe how much effect it has had on my skin over the last two weeks. . . .I have sufferred with acne skin for almost 14 years and it has drastically improved my skin. . . . Everyone keeps telling me how fair I look. . . . Really encouraging!!!
Hi everyone, I am new to this site but not to lipotrim. I started 18th January and up to two weeks ago had lost 4 stone. It was brilliant but I hit a brick wall and felt I had to come of it and eat ....which I did. I have made several attempts to get back on it but can't get into ketosis cos I manage my two shakes fine but the third one (even if it is a flapjack) I just want to eat. I desperately want to go back on it properly....no messing about but I can't get my brain into gear. I thought I would maybe try a diet and then go back on it maybe in a months time except I can't find one on line and I do need to follow something. Any suggestions??? I would like to lose another 2 stones and felt I came off it prematurely. I went from a size 24 to a 16 and 44 to 36 (bra)


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I know what you mean my skin looks great and a girl at work sed I looked younger! must be filling the wrinkles out a bit:D also when I get up in morning I feel like I have actually slept and not like the wreck of the hesperis. this diet is fab why didnt I find it a year ago??!


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Just goes to show that glugging all that water is amazingly good for you.....so make sure, that drinking lots of water is one of the permanant things you come away with, at the end of LT.

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why is my skin really dry ? I drink all the water , could live on he toilet I drink that much but have got dry skin everywhere

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