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Lovelyboyfriend- how much support do you have?

I just wanted to be a bit soppy because my boyfriend said a lovely thing today.

We were out shopping and I was looking for a nice tin as I have decided every 1lb I lose I will pop a £1 into the tin for a clothes fund for when I hit target.

I hadn't told him this and he asked why I wanted to tin, so I told him and he said that he would match my £1 with £2 so for every lb I lose I get £3 in my tin!!

66lbs x £3 = £198!

Just though this was very sweet, :heartpump: I know some other people's OH's are doing this too and wanted to share how lucky I am to have his support.

So what support do you have? Are you friends families supportive? I find now my family aren't as supportive because 'they have heard it before' kind of thing that I will lose weight- I mean it this time though, I'll show them!

So lets share how we each intend to treat ourselves for weight loss and who is your support?

Claire x
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big bear

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H told me I was obsessed with SW lol It's only because I was making soup & he wanted pearl barley in it & I said I'd have to check it first.

He is being supportive though as eating the same as me, buys things when he's out that are sw friendly.

That'll buy loads of lovely clothes...xx
How lovely!!

I'm living with my dad and his girlfriend at the moment, and I wouldn't say they were terrifically supportive, but as we're living right out in the sticks, with a limited bus service, and I don't drive, My dad has said he'll give me a lift to and from class each week when I rejoin on Thursday.

He tries to be supportive other ways, but he seems to think that telling you that you look fat, or shouldn't be wearing something, is a way of motivating you to lose weight. I think he's learnt to shut up now, but he was pretty good when I was on my VLCD in November.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I hadn't told him this and he asked why I wanted to tin, so I told him and he said that he would match my £1 with £2 so for every lb I lose I get £3 in my tin!!

66lbs x £3 = £198!
i just read this out to my boyfriend and he said "oh cool, i'll be quids in then when you pile the weight back on!" lol


he does make me laugh though - cheeky sh*t!

....and last year when i did SW i was putting £2 in for every pound i lost and he was taking the money to buy fags! i soon put a stop to that!
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Ive had a few treats bought for me at different stages from different family members-massage and pedicure. I have treated myself to something similar with each st.

Must start dropping hints for the next st...lol


rainbows holiday buddy :)
He tries to be supportive other ways, but he seems to think that telling you that you look fat, or shouldn't be wearing something, is a way of motivating you to lose weight. .
i have a dad like that too! he never asks me how much i've lost, but last week i came in from post christmas class "so how much did you put on then?" i told him to sod off!

he's not very good at making his point. most people would initiate a conversation about something to see what your thoughts are on something, but one day he cut out an article from a newspaper on someone who'd lost a load of weight having a gastric band. he just walked in the lounge and put it on my lap! i burst into tears!
When I was doing the VLCD he would ask me twice a day how much i'd lost - I think he thought it changed that quickly!! I think sticking to that diet made him shut up a bit actually.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
When I asked OH if he'd rather have SW chips or a baked potato, he said baked potato cos we weren't supposed to have chips!:sigh:
Mine is good too.

Always notices my losses and is so proud of me.
My hubbie bought me a Pandora bracelet for Mothers day last year & has bought me a charm for every 1 stone I've lost - I've got 2 from him so far but from now on he's going to buy me 1 for every 1/2 stone I lose. He also eats the same as me when he's home as he works away midweek & always texts to find out how I've done after WI then rings later with words of support or congratulations.

That's lovely what he's doing for you - I might start & put some money away & treat hubbie & I to a night away or something else!!
Hi everyone!

Well we seem to have a good lot out there don't we!!

Jennyonaplate: My dad is the same, he can be so blunt sometimes, it really hurts your feelings doesn't it. I don't think they mean it, just I don't think they quite understand the emotions etc attached to the weight and weight loss. Nice of him to offer you a list though, good luck for joining class!!

Mod-Karen 79- This made me laugh, I read it out to my boyfriend and it made him laugh too. Give him a kick! Lol sounds like he has a good sense of humour though.

Sarah Jayne and Diane: It's hard when your partner offers you things you shouldn't be having, or eating in front of you. My OH made us a cup of tea and sat and ate half a packet of lovely looking chocolate jaffa biscuits. I resisted though, not long ago that I would have sat and eaten the other half of the packet! Keep strong!!

Judimac: I hope you have now explained the slimming world chips are most definitely allowed!! Does you OH do it with you, do you eat the same or does he eat something different? Best of luck, you just keep concentrating on what you can eat and have and the lb's will be dropping off soon!

Fillymum: Hiya! I always read your posts, your hubby sounds lovely, and proud of you he should be, you have done ever so well. I can't wait until my OH can notice a difference. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year :)

Ninnis! 6st! Fantastic, how much have you got to go for that, an indian head massage is something to look forward to. Congratulations on the 6st thats really inspirational, I have at least 5 to lose so just shows it can be done :)

Claire xx
I'm very very lucky......my husband has watched me do every fad diet going, with my weight fluctuating from 14 stone when we first met, to my highest of nearly 19 stone. Even at my heaviest, first thing in the morning, looking like a bag of cr*p he said I was the sexiest woman in the world. Now having lost a few stone, with more still to go, he says he loves watching other men eyeing me up, he says it makes him very proud as he knows he is the one going home with me! Personally I think he needs his head testing, but it's very flattering and has always made me feel like the most gorgeous woman on earth! I love my hubby, my soul mate, my partner for life, my best friend X


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My hubbys fab if a little skeptical cos he doesn't really understand how SW works, however he will give me £1000 for losing 3 stone and occasionally buys me shoes (my addiction) if I do particularly well
Im also incredibly lucky (although no money from my OH, you lucky cow! lol)

Hes always been very sensitive and helpful.. albeit in the past 3 years there have been times when iv been told im obbsessed LOL and he has found it difficult to understand why physically and emotionally changing are two completly different things!! its hard to ajust!

he always tells me im beautiful.. has always told me how proud he is of me, how amazing i am.. and orders me dominos with no questions when i really need it. <3 him!
My OH hasn't even mentioned this diet yet - i've done so many that i think he's just waiting to see how this one goes, however when i do lose weight he's always telling me how well i'm doing - then seems to feed me up again!!! GRRR!! lol - must .......stay.....strong....!!!

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