Lovies back on SS to help her friend sascha!

Hi Guys!

I have been a very good girl for a year now and kept all of my weight off!

I put on a little last year in the autumn but lost it all in a week - woo hoo:D

Anyway - i have done the same thing again. i have put on about 1/2 stone. This in itself is no biggy! i had lots of lovely meals putting it on and i know that i can easily move it again.

A terrible thing happened to me last week at work tho.
i have raved about this CD diet to the scathing majority at work for a very long time now.
Every time one of them asked how i had lost so much weight, or why i looked so young all of a sudden, i would gleefully tell them it was CD and that i would recommend it to anyone with more than 2 stone to lose!
some people even said i should be a counsellor so they could buy from me and i could help them?!!

Anyway - i digress!

A colleague confided to me that she had started CD but that she was really struggling!?
i gave her my full support and talked with her at length in our lunch break. (10 mins!)
she told me that she was hungry and that she thought her advice was wrong from her CDC?
she had been told she could drink unlimited coke.
she had been told that she could eat unlimited fruit, and that it was essential to eat some fruit every day!
she was also told that if she was hungry she could eat unlimitedprotein!
oh my god!!

She was meant to be doing SS from day 1..............................:confused:

Im no expert as im not a CDC but i know this is not right!
we have talked and i have put her straight.
altho she is a diet coke addict, she is in ketosis now!

i have agreed that we will SS together altho i really only wanted to 790 to lose my 1/2 stone!! :sigh:

Anyway, we are on a journey together and we will need all of your support out there in CD land.
please help us and especially my friend Sascha. :p

she has said that she will find this diet difficult - but she has also said that emotional black mail will always get her to stop eating real foods and be a good girl for as long as it takes!
(hence the name dropping) :D

will be back again soon

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Queen of the Damned
Hi mate

First of all can I say well done on staying so close to your goal weight over all this time.

However, with only 1/2 stone to lose following SS is probably NOT a safe way for you to do this. Secondly, and please take this the way I mean it. You are doing your friend no real favour.

You can stop doing SS after a couple of weeks. She is facing a few months.

If she is relying on you to keep her on the straight and narrow, she's never going to take responsibility for HER diet. She needsto be doing this for herself, and yes she needs support and proper advice but please don't tie your diet up with hers.

Speaking from the perspective of someone who has over 7 stone to lose, and having had 'buddies' with less to go when they stop the diet way before me, I have felt deserted, upset, and sometimes fallen off track because I want to be 'like them'.

I think sometimes it can affect friendships as well - you can be her shoulder to lean on, but she needs to know she CAN do this herself and it's not reliant on someone else doing it with her.

I'm sorry about the essay, and I really hope you accept this in the spirit in which it is intended. I hope I haven't offended you.

All the best


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
hey well said D_Q

As for your friend Ciao, i think that she should ask her CDC for an explanation of why they recommended such foods and also change her CDC and also call head office and notify them of such a thing. CDC's are here to support you from day one and our advice is your basic starting point so its gotta be spot on.

On SS there is no room for any food apart from the CD packs so you can't eat protein, drink coke or fruits at all, forget unlimited.

Please do let head office know about this, as your friend must have bad vibes towards CD and thats not fair on other CDC's who work tirelessly to provide support and create a good image for CD
thanx for all the advice guys.

yes i know i dont need to SS, but last atumn i did ss for a week and then 790 for a week and then maintainence.
it worked for me as i need to break from foods completely in order to stop eating those lovely meals out!!
I know i could do it better another way but this way works for me.
Sascha know that im not doing this diet with her all the way but im there to help her to start with.
literally just the first 2 weeks and then i will support her all i can.
she has asked for another CDC but keeps being refered to the same person and yes i think shes had a bum deal.
i told her she should go to my CDC but its too far for her to travel?
she just needs a kick start in the right direction!
i have told her that she is 99% there as she went to find a CDC and bought the packs and is ready to start. the weight will fall of if she sticks to the rules.
its just a great shame that the info she recieved was wrong and thats hindered her first week.
i have told her that SS is better as it doesnt not allow anything else - a complete break. no exceptions!!
she seemed really shocked when i explained this to her.

(truth be told i could really do with losing a stone but id be happy with half)
i have my way of working this crazy diet and it works for me.
thanx for the advice and it was taken well. im more concerned about sascha and her goal!?
please give her all the support you can guys - please



Cambridge Diet Counsellor

Wish your friend all the best and even though her CDC didnt describe SS to her the right way, she should have provided her with the "weight care with cambrdge" booklet. SS and all the other programmes are listed in there in great details so she should be able to follow it from the book.

Good luck


Full Member

I just wanted to say good luck on helping your friend. That is a tragedy that her CDC was so wrong with her information.

They way I see it, my CDC is not really anywhere near as supportive as reading these boards, so as long as she has you, and these boards, I think she will be well on her way. I changed CDC (well I went to one, realised she was a bit poor then took a few weeks off - put on more weight (doh!) and then went to another one) as the first one didn't even weigh me - so I was totally uninspired to lose weight, but these boards are always here, so they help me through the day!

Tell her to log on!
Hi notsotrim and hello again to izzy.
lovely to hear from you again too!
hope everything is going well for you and eric!?

went to work today and found out that my friend has had a terrible cold/flu all weekend and her diet has gone to pot as she either hasnt eaten at all or couldnt face a shake so she had something else to eat??
i just that its all ok and when she's better (like tomorrow) she can start again and continue as she has done so well so far!
i told her not to feel so guilty that she wants to give up completely!

anyway, i have thunder thighs and i want to shift them so im sticking to my guns and will shift the weight.
maybe when she see's my weight move, this will motivate her to stick at it!?
its has to be her decision!
i cant lose the weight for her?

thank you for all of your replies guys
lovely to hear from you
official day 2 for my SS plan to lose weight in 2 weeks!
i have weighed myself and taken all the normal measurements!
scarey stuff! haha!
anyway im on day 2 of SS and hope to have a good day.
im on a long one again - 12 hour shift!
at least if im at work then i cant eat anything terrible, and i'll be so tired when i get home that i wont eat either!
i'll just kiss the family and fall into bed - knackered! haha!


Gold Member
Good luck for day 2, hun!! I'm going to get back on the SS wagon when I shift this pesky cold, so any day now!! (Don't ask - I've been up and down, weight-wise, like a bluddy yo-yo!)

Me and Eric got engaged a few weeks ago, so all is very well there, thank you for asking. No date set yet - probably next year - but he's firmly esconced on my sofa with my remote control lol!

Hope all is well with you and Mr Lovies!!!



Full Member
Good luck for day 2/3!! You know you can do it!

I hope your friend feels a bit better, and you are right, when people see the weight you lose, they are totally inspired and start asking all about the diet, so I reckon she will losing with you in not time at all!!!
thanx notsotrim -
thanx izzy - i thought eric proposed in france up the eiffel tower?
i remember thinking how romantic?
anyway im glad to hear your happy.

i have a problem with thunder thighs and a big bum!
if i put on as much as 1/2 a stone i look big again and my jeans are tight!
i lose this weight and im ok for another 6-8 months.
i love my foods and i try to stick to low fat foods but i do love my puddings and ice cream!

Mr Lovies is very well too thanx for asking!
he is very happy and says that the best thing he ever did was marrying me!
should have done it years ago!
silly sod x (bless)
he says he loves my big bum, so it must be true love haha!

day 2 went well.............
well it just went really - 12 hour shifts just eat up the day and im so knackered i just sleep instead of eating!
off to bed now
will see you all tomorrow for day 3 SS!
day 3 on SS

well it was deffinately harder for me today as i had the day off work!

am was easy but this afternoon was alot herder.
came home about 1.30pm ready to get on with loads of housework and start a roast dinner for my girly who had requested the meal!

anyway my father inlaw was here and so i made him a drink and a sandwich first of all - he is doing us a great favour by helping out with the new decking were building over the existing patio.
anyway it was very hard not to just pick at foods while cooking and even harder to sit down with the family while they were eating a lovely pork roast meal with all the trimmings, followed by home grown and home made rhubarb crumble and custard!!

anyway i made it!

day 3 of SS complete.......
i feel the need for a reward now? what can it be...... choc buttons or fruit or cake?

not hopefully it will be a few pounds lighter from my thunder thighs! haha!

catch you laters
Hi peeps
day 4 SS today

things going well so far!
not lost much weight - only 4lbs but then i havent been to the loo yet either?
i have the delights of day 5 to look forward to in that respect i think!? HELP!

working again today so i should find it a bit easier (hopefully?)

Had a terrible row with my eldest yesterday after school.
spent all day being a good daughter and then a dutiful housewife and then tried to be a good mother by cooking a roast and handing them their clean clothes to put away. it all fell apart on the mother front tho!!
eldest was late home after the agreed time to let me know if they are going to be late or if they are going to a mates house after school. an hour after they leave school they should have let me know where they are or they should be here! not too restricting i think??
anyway he didnt turn up for another 20 mins after this deadline and so i went out looking for him. couldnt phone him as his mobile was at home - not allowed to take them to school!
10 mins later he phoned me up to ask where i was? he was now at home and why wasnt i?
i was soooo cross and worried that i really shouted at him.
he in turn then shouted at his brother and hit him. so i did what all mothers do - i cuffed him round the head......
i felt so awful i thought i was going to be sick!
im not one of those whimpish mothers who has never smacked their childrens legs or smacked the back of their hands or something, but that was all a very long time ago!! cant remember the last time i had to resort to anything like that???????
it really shook me up.

anyway, he went and did his paper round and then afterwards he came and said sorry. i said sorry too and we all sat down at the table and had a nice dinner - except i didnt eat anything!
i really thoght i was going to stuff the packet of choc buttons that we have in the fridge for such occassions but my husband was very good. he hugged me and told me that i was right and not to fold. he also told me that things were going to get worse as hes only 14!!
this made me cry but he also said that he was going to be there with me all the way and would always back me and even take over when necessary! this filled me with love as he isnt their father but loves them as if he was!
i am very lucky to have such a family!
i just need to shift the thunder thighs and my life is as perfect as it gets! haha!
day 6 ssing

fell off the wagon slightly last night, hubby brought a ready made salad back from tesco's! it looked so yummy!
grated carot and cucumber, with tomatoe's. i couldnt resist! and i had a strawberry too!!!! i am just the worst honestly! haha!

when i say fallen off the wagon i mean that i ate something - but im not really too bad!
i will still ss today and the next week i think!
checked my weight this morning and altho i feel slimmer and the inches have gone my weight is being very stubborn and won't budge very far at all!!?
i was going to 790 next week but at this rate i will have to ss again for another week!
5 pounds is very good for only 6 days but i was hopeing for a little more!
so this is me on day 6 still ssing but without a friend to ss with? she has stopped completely haha!
day 8 on cd

hi guys
well its been a week now on ss and i have lost 5lbs in total. the inches are moving but the weight has stuck firmly and will not budge any further!
never mind - im not disheartened! 5lbs in one week is still good so im hoping for another 2-3 lbs this week and then eventually the weight will come off!
i really want to lose at least 3/4 stone before i stop ssing!
then when i do my 790 and maintain my weight i will still have lost 1/2 stone and will be able to keep it off comfortably!

its alot harder this time around that it was before?
maybe cos my body is used to these shakes and its not such a shock as it was last time??
who knows!

anyway - hubby is being very good and not tempting me with meals out and ice creams and cakes etc!
he is even putting up with me having the firs on as im sooooo cold and hes so hot! haha!

the kids have had a super week food wise.
lots of roast dinners and pastas etc. lots of winter warmers cos im feeling so cold!
im on till midnight and then on call tonight so i hope im not going to feel hungry!?

funny cos im not feeling hungry at all at the mo.
its taking all my effort just to remember to eat at all!
thankfully its only 3 times a day! haha!
catch you tomorrow guys
day 9 SS

still hanging on in there - just!

finally i have lost another 1lb!
i was beginning to think this day was never going to come??
my weight had just stopped and hasnt moved for about 5 days!?
hopefully now we are on a downward spiral!

very long day yesterday!
didnt get called out tho so that was good!
a full nights sleep is always valuable.
off to work again now.