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low blood pressure??? advice needed, check post 20!!

Sureky your mum will be a better judge of that then us!

A few weeks ago, mine got very low - I could feel it. Had it checked and it was 100/50 - doc siad that was "rather" low. Yours sounds very low. Best to see your doc JB - don't take chances with BP...can make you very poorly.

Keep us posted hon.

Mine tends to be on the low side and it has dropped since doing LL - last reading was 95/60. I feel fine though. How are you feeling in yourself? Might be worth a trip to the doctor.
Thanks Bl and SFA, to be honest i havent been feeling great the past couple of weeks, a few dizzy spells here and there. So scared to ask my Dr incase he tells me to stop VLCD, but i know i must put my health first.
i would go into rtm early if that was advised. I told my LL locum at my weigh in on thursday that i had not been feeling great and getting dizzy, but she just said that maybe it was just how i was feeling at the time, never mentioned Bpressure. But now i know it can be why i felt like that and a symptom of vlcd. Does anyone know why this can happen in relation to VLCD??
I had mine done today and was advised to see my doctor as its 111/73 with a pulse of 55. I had only just had my 1st pack of the day though and it was 2pm. They agreed it was probably that that had caused it and made me promise to space out my packs better :eek:

do you space out yours? had it been a while since your last on? x
well, we are only eating 550 calories - barely a meal....your body is going to fluxuate during the day, and there are bound to be peaks and valleys...I would imagine that affects BP? Not very scientific I know. :)

But our bodies think they are starving - everything slows down, so its no surprsie some experience low BP.

As said, I had a bad week about 3 weeks ago where I was very dizzy/lightheaded. Thats when I saw my doc. I realised, I was on week 28. I should have done another milk week the week or so before and I didn't. It wasn't mentioned at group...so, I did a milk week and that sorted me out. But you are still 4 0r 5 weeks from a milk week...

Let us know what you find out!


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I think the best course of action would be to see your dr and worst case scenario start RTM but do it slowly for eg two weeks on week 1 and two weeks on week 2. You will still loose those last few pounds.
Definitely don't play with your health.

Let us know how you get on.
Thanks everyone. I have been reading around on here for info and it seems that it aint that uncommon as you get closer to your target to get low bp. I dont think its that dangerous either so will stick with it till i see my own LLC on thursday and see what she advises. I had had a foodpack 2 hours before my mum checked it. I will be going over later to get another reading, but it does explain the light headed dizzy spells i had.........feel generally ok just now, maybe slightly weak (or just being lazy? haha, not sure)
Thanks for all advice xx
Phoned my LLC regarding this who was very defensive and said that the diet wouldnt do this to me???? I told her that i had been researching the net and found it to be quite common towards the end of the diet and she said "well it can impact a bit" make up your mind woman! Talk about contradiction! She then when on to say that there is probably something else wrong with me!!!
My doctor is going to call me back regarding this, but im afraid of what he will say........ie, stop vlcd!
All i wanted from my llc was a little reassurance that this can happen and advice on what to do, ie rtm!


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Hi Jelly,

I think that is really poor of her. The reason we need to have our blood pressure checked is exactly that, it can happen.
I think you should discuss with your dr, if he says stop just start RTM, and ask your LLC if you can do the first 4 - 5 weeks in doubles maybe. I am still loosing and I am in week 4. I lost 2lbs the first week 3lbs the second and none last week but that is my own fault I celebrated a birthday alittle too well.
Hang in there going into RTM early need not be the worst thing for you.
I know you have that goal in mind, but you will still get there.
Be kind to yourself and true to your body, its telling you something is wrong.

Sorry Jelly just my 2p's worth.
what a rubbish response! no help at all ia it really, the silly woman.

i would go to the doctor or nurse (once you've had a recheck) and just ask advise. like tange said rtm isnt ending your weight loss journey just moving it on to the next stage x
Thanks Tange and Jan!
Im just waiting for the DR to call me back as no appointments available!
My mum rechecked my bp last night and still low, so if he says stop the diet, i will do RTM, i do feel so much better about myself, but cant get the thought of "failure" out of my mind if i do as the Dr says......part of my brain is saying...maybe the voices in my head want the dr to say come off so that i can eat, but the determined part of my brain wants to see this through! Does this make sence??? But i know that health comes first! Will update you later

Diane xx
Have you taken a reading of your BP again today Diane? Or last night? Is it any different?

Just remember - and I am not at all advocating people go against doctors - but he can reccomend you to stop the diet - he cannot make you. I only say this, to hope to remove some pressure you might feel.

What was your BP at your last check up? Is it vastly different?

Personally, I would not mess around, and I would get it checked bythe doc for peice of mind if nothing else. Its BP - its important. ;)

Keep us posted!!

Hi again
Thanks BL, i know you werent advocating that i dont listen to the docs advice and i know you mean well!
Well, went to the Drs today and he is going to do further checks, an ECG and blood work, but reckons it most likely is the diet that is causing the low blood pressure and dizzy spells (symptom of)
He reckons that now i dont have alot left to lose that my body is finding it harder to break down the fat for energy and says i should increase my calories and start exercising. To be honest, i have been keen to start exercising........i am a size 12 now and still think i look huge, but in reality i think it might just be the fact that im not toned or in shape................ not sure what to do next. I want to do RTM but how low are the calories on that? I really need to have a protein rich diet to obtain the results i want. My brother is big into nutrition and reckons i should follow a promax diet plan to get in shape, but i think the councilling is going to be important.......aaghhhh.....what do i do? I really want to get fit and have more energy, whats the point in losing weight when im not feeling the benefits. HELP!!! xx

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