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    Hiya, i have lost 2st with cambridge diet, but began to really struggle as it is so restrictive and it was torture!
    But now i have decided to calorie count.
    Yesterday i had

    Breakfast- 2 slices wholemeal nimble toast
    Scraping of low fat spread
    2 scrambled eggs made with skimmed milk -249cals

    Lunch- weight watchers tomato soup
    2 slices of nimble wholemeal bread -172cals

    Dinner- weight watchers shepards pie
    Salad -245 cals

    And had one of my daughters homemade butterfly cakes which is 160cals

    So all in all i had 826 cals

    Plus i did a disco (im a childrens entertainer) and danced for mostve 2 hours
    Half hour on cross trainer
    15 mins on exercise bike
    15mins fast pace, uphill and treadmill
    3 reps of deep squats on power plate (30secs each rep)

    I just want help with any lovely snack ideas please, and general support really :-/ i am a serial snacker! Which is what made me gain the weight! Im 14st 3lbs now was 16.2 :)
    I know i can afford more calories in day, not sure how many i should aim for? Im 5ft 8inches am fairly active (have 5 kids so have to be) and am planning on gym session n swimming at least 3 times a week. And ideally would love to lose a steady 2-3lbs per week :)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks :)
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  3. Morrigan

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    Hiya :) Welcome to the CC forum :) Congrats on your loss so far, I know how hardcore Cambridge can be and I really applaud you for sticking with it. You should find CC a breeze in comparison - it is not at all restrictive.

    Your best bet to find out how many calories you should be on each day is to join My Fitness Pal. Just google it. It is an excellent programme that the majority of us use. It's free and uses all your information to tell you what calories you should be eating. You can input all your daily food and exercise on there to track your progress. Looking at your current intake, I think you could definitely do with eating lots more. Although some people do well on very reduced calorie diets, the recommended minimum intake is 1200 calories. Because of all the exercise you are doing it may be that you need more. There are a few stickies on here that would help you work out how much you should eat each day so check them out. If you need any more information just ask!

    Best of luck :) xxx
  4. maclynn

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    hiyer, just like to agree with last post, try my fitness pal, it really does help, also work some snacking into you're daily menu, good luck:D
  5. iwillsoonbeslim

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    Calorie Counting with the help of Myfitnesspal!
    ^^^ what they said lol^^^
    MFP + HRM + lots of water = your smiley face :D
  6. tranquility

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    Calorie Counting, controlled carbs, good nutrition and Slimpods.
    Snacks for me are usually fruit, cheese triangles, a small handful nuts/seeds, yogurt.

    Go for high nutrition foods, so instead of Nimble I would choose a high fibre wholemeal/seeded bread as it will fill you up more.

    Try and make your own soups/meals rather than ready made if you can find the time. Make loads and freeze so you have them ready.

    I try to avoid artificial sweetners as much as possible so use natural yogurt and add fruit/honey for sweetness.
  7. Badgergirl

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    For snacks I try to stick to fruit or if I'm more hungry something like a ryvita with light Philly and grapes (around 100 calories depending on the number of grapes). Or if I am really craving a square or two of chocolate from the OH!!
  8. Wish

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    Your not eating enough by a massive amount, taking the exercise into consideration too, your body will think you are starving it and start storing fat! Don't be fooled by thinking of you eat way below calories you will lose weight, cos you won't, you will also be putting your body under stess.

    MFP willhelp you loads:) x
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