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low carb indian??


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im out in 3 weeks for my friends 21st and were going out for a meal.

its only us 2 going and i cant refuse to go because its been planned for weeks
its an indian were going to.... which i know is realllllly fattening... but is there anything indian that has low carbs?? just so i dont feel too guilty!
i wont have anything during the day just water ;)
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chicken tikka (dry, no sauce)
maybe some sag paneer (spinach with cheese)...
mmm mixed grill
cauliflower bhaji

i used to have these when i was on atkins, didnt do me any harm.

good luck
Dont know about indian food I really dont care for it, but I just wanted to say that you should still have your packs, not just water that day. They will help you be tempted not to over do it :)

Enjoy the night out.....


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how about chicken sagg, (chicken with spinach) its in a slight sauce, might that be ok? its yummy!! um, fancying an indian now haven't had one in ages!!!

good luck!
If you have Indian, I would do like a 790 day, so you stay in Ketosis, go for a chicken tikka and salad( the dry one cooked on a grill)... thats the lowest carb, dish!!!( have your packs in the day though!) All the curries, would contain oil or creams etc and knock you out of ketosis!

Nas x
I would absolutely avoid any curries that have a sauce and any of the vegetarian side dishes too as they are usually cooked in ghee (clarified butter) or oil.

By far, the best dishes to select are tandoori chicken/prawns or chicken tikka which are usually served with a side salad. Also avoid any of the breads and rice dishes too as they are all high in carbs. This will give you the best chance of staying in ketosis and not undo all the good work you've done so far.

I also agree with Hedgehog that you should have all your packs during the day so that you wont be tempted to eat as much, and also guarantee getting the right balance of vitamins/minerals for the day too.

And (of course!) drink LOTS of water too! :tear_drop:
Just to re-iterate what the others have said, I had Chicken tikka with salad when I had an indian meal a few weeks ago (It was AAMW, so 'allowed!), and it was lovely!.

I did have a side dish of Spinach, but it wasn't at all oily so I was happy to eat it too.

Also have all your packs, and have your last one just before you go out, that way you will be a bit full anyway, so having a smaller than usual meal won;t leave you feeling deprived, you'll be full and so won't be wanting anything else.
the original poster said she would only drink water in the day so just reiterating the need to have all the required packs in the day (in answer to pp)

I would stay away from anything with a sauce for a start!
I've done chicken tikka before with salad without it effecting my weight loss so go for that hun

Mmmmm bet you can't wait. I'd go for a dry tikka or tandoori or go for the mixed grill with a side salad anything else with a source is more likely to knock you out of ketosis :)
Thanks.. it was over 2 years ago though :8855:

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