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low carb jelly

There may be something in the jelly that's stalling you Linda.
Have you checked the carb count on your scratchings Linda?
OMG Linda I've been having that as well and I didn't lose any weight on my 1st week! I did check though and it said no carbs on the packet.... I do hope it's not, I really enjoy them :confused:
Jim I've just read that link on hidden carbs, but if they have those ingredients in the packet surely they wouldn't be allowed to call it 0g carbs? Or would they? :mad:
Seems like they get away with it Caz, I suppose that's why the call them hidden carbs love.
Thay is soooooooooo unfair - they should be HUNG!

Linda I eat Mr Porkys as well but don't look to me for advice at the minute as I'm ***** at this LOL :rolleyes:
I eat a local brand from Walsall, can't think of the name now, but they are 0 carbs, not treated a tall just deep fried.
ok thanks guys am gonna stop jelly and scratchings have been having both for 2 days and have put on 1lb both days after so must be a connection was at -6lbs now at -4lbs still good i know but so annoying :mad:

plus point my pain killers have finally kicked in :D after 3 days so my back is a little better and not so hard getting to the loo drinking all this water lolstill cant drive though :sigh: (slipped discs)
Mr Porkys have carbs ... Morrisons own scratchings come in a red packet and have none. I can't stand them but I was advised by a friend that they're the ones to get.
I've been told to avoid sugar free jelly, my friend told me that the ones you make up yourself have less hidden carbs but the ready made pots are a definate no-no.
Not sure if it's true or not but it's what i'm sticking to!!
I've jst looked at the ingredients for the SF jelly I have been having -

Natural colours (beetrro red, Annatto)
Adipic acid
Acidity regulator (Trisodium citrate)
Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K)
Fumaric acid

1/4 pt has 0.5 carbs

No mention of the maldextrose, dexrose etc from the link Jim sent. These are Hartleys Jellies in sachets that you make up yourself.

Should these be OK - anyone know?:sigh:
morrisons pork scratchings are zero carbs. they dont taste as good as mr porky's but cant complain as the carbs is better! they are also cheaper on the pocket :D
i had sugar free jelly in my 1st week and lost 6lb. i havnt touched it in my second week and weigh in is tomorrow and havnt lost an ounce this week :cry:
(serial weighist, twice a day lol)

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