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Low carb soups?

I'm going to make a soup with the leftover lamb today, would it be ok to use an oxo cube in it as long as I count it in my carbs, not thinking boullion is going to cut it? Also what veg do you put in them to keep it on the low side. I was planning on half an onion, mushrooms, sliced greens. Any other veggies that go nice in soups? I'm all out of celery unfortunately, I threw my limp stalks away last night, silly me they'd have done for soup.

I like soup and tend to eat a fair bit of it, does anyone else have any good recipes? I was thinking broccoli & stilton would be a good one, might sub the stilton for gruyere as I'm not a huge fan.
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Onions are quite carby for induction, I'd use scallions instead and loads of leafy green veggies as you said
It says you can have some though on the list of veg (moderate use) for induction. The ones I have in at the moment are small, I'll weigh it and work out the carbs and I plan to only use half, will add in some chives too. It seems a medium onion is about 7.5g carbs, does that sound about right? Next time I shop I'll look for scallions and also get some spring onions.

After a quick google I'm also planning a broccoli/mint soup flavoured with sour cream and garam masala, can you tell I bought broccoli twice by accident yesterday, lol!
It'll probably be OK, it's just that I did the original '72 version of Atkins and it was much stricter
Are scallions the same as spring onions?
Oh yes, sorry :) I'm not sure why I've always known them as that :)
Because the original 72 book was written for the US audience Jim and that's what they call them :) x
Ah, but I knew them as that long before then Jup's :)

Maybe it's from my mum or dad though


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Are shallots not different again Jim? More like tiny onions with brown skin?

We call spring onions scallions too. :)
I think we call them pickling onions Claire LOL


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I've just put some soup ingredients in my slow cooker and it smells lovely. In my house if it's veg and in the fridge it's induction friendly so I just chopped up whatever was left over and added stock. I'll give it a whizz with the stick blender then chuck in some Boursin and cream if it needs it. Job done lol.
bought the stock sachet today ........... so will have a go soon thanks xx


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Your going to love it Susan. Ive brought the meat 1 to slosh it in with a mince beef dish. OOoooo I cant wait for 2m for Tesco.com to knock on my door

Woofy x
does ' 2M ' mean tomorrow or ............... 2 men !!!! xx

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