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Low carb sweets - you guys werent kidding about the effects!

ha.. poor you! I overdosed on Atkins bars last year. I had three packages of Peanut butter cups and was up all night with GAS .. ha.. raging.. won't do that again.


Clean green leafy machine
It's the mini explosions in the lower tum that get me! :) But when you have to have chocolate....:)


Clean green leafy machine
Try the Atkins endulge milk crispy choc bar - I've had no side effects, even after eating two :)
Do u get side effects if j eat sweets ?? I've not cheated once and don't intend to but I'd really like to k ow invade u do ? N what r low carb sweets is there such thing ?


Never give up
Joanne they're truly awful things. I have a serious problem with them though - can't stop eating them despite the side-effects. Yes I am that stupid. :eek:
i've not tried them.
its not sweet things i miss, but chocolate so if i 'need' some i either have some 85% or mix some cocoa with 2 spoons of dble cream and a tsp splenda, does the trick!

but then i was never fussed for sweets, and preferred dark chocolate anyway.
Definitely Jim. Sometimes you really can see the advantages of eating unprocessed stuff. Wont stop me mind you, lol.

Taz I was never actually much of a sweet eater at all until I started dieting for some reason. I think knowing I cant have them makes me want them.

WW I have another 2 packs of them which Ill have to 'force' down at some point. Ill be making sure to limit them to one a day though!

Shelby low carb sweets are sugar free sweets. They are sweetened with other artificial sweetners which can have a laxative effect.
I bought a small pack of Thorntons Vanilla toffee last week. I had four really small pieces, and 3 hours later had terrible cramping and had to run to the loo. I knew that the side effects could be unpleasant, that's why I just had a little bit, but I have to say that it worked pretty well in getting me "unstuck".

I enjoyed the wee treat though, but it's certainly not for every day. A tiny bit, every once and a while. And not before I have a party to go to!
I've been eating Boot's diabetic sweets this week - mostly the butterscotch hard sweets. Really nice and haven't had any bad effects. I think the main ingredient is sucralose so should be Atkins-friendly!

Not sure if they're stalling me a little though. But my diet's been all over the place this week so hard to tell really.

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