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low fat cottage cheese or quark


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Zoe - I don't do Extra Easy but quark & very low fat cottage cheese are both superfree foods, I personally don't like the quark so rarely use it but the cottage cheese I use for topping on potatoes, I make the SW quiches with it, use it on scan bran etc.

Just be aware though that not every cottage cheese is free food so make sure you check before you go off using it.
I do extra easy. I tend to use cottage cheese to make the sliming world quiche. I have used quark in the quiche, it's good if you prefer a smoother texture to your quiche than you get with cottage cheese.

I've also used quark to make an "icing" for the scan bran carrot cake and as a filling for a fruit roulade.
low fat cottage cheese/quark

:wave_cry: I have mixed quark with 2 mullerlight yogurts, any flavour but the vanilla with dark chocolate sprinkles and black cherry underlayer are 2 syns all the rest are free. Then dissolved a sachet of gelatine in a little boiling water, allow to cool slightly and stir into the quark / yogurt mixture. Pour into a suitable container and allow to set. Voila ! you have a type of mousse. Best of all it's syn free if you use the mullerlights that are free or 4 syns if you use two of aforementioned black cherry layer yogurts.

You can add some sweetener if you wish to the mixture.

Enjoy !

We eat quark alot in Germany, you can eat it with jacket potatoes. Just mix the quark with onions, chives, dill, squeeze of lemon juice, salt and pepper.

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I've just used half a tub of quark with a fillet of mackerel flaked into it - leave overnight and it's a great toast topper or sarnie filler!

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