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Francesca, I agree with you, I love them, however, they are a right pain to eat at your desk. I end up getting bits of noodle in my hair, over my keyboard... I think I may start wearing a bib and just be done with it!!
ive already had the look of disgust from colleagues as i slurp away while they tuck into their Boots Healthy Options sandwiches of processed chicken etc etc etc ....if you find an adult bib...lob one my way!! xx ps...and i had two packs.....lol
louise....ive eaten 4 packs og these low fat noodles today and some fruit.....is that really allowed??? it wont be that amount of noodles everyday...il be fed up of then son lol xxx


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Of course it's allowed! They are a staple in my cupboard, I used to live off the fat version of them when I was a teen so to be able to have them now is great
Heheheheee, noodle addict, I love it.

As long as they are the low fat ones then it's all good. I use to be the same with pasta n' sauce, I'm now sick to death of them though! xxx


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Is it any flavour for syn free?


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Yep as long as they are the low fat ones. I think there is Chicken and herb, Smokey bacon and Thai something-or-other!

They don't sell them in the co-op so I just got ordinary, last time I did SW these were free, anyone know how mnay syns they are now please?



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Wish... I'm pretty sure they are 3.5 syns a pack on a green day.

Thanks! Will get my mum to post me some fat free ones up:p
i got mine from asda.....im still addicted tho...was hoping i would be bored by now......ive even been known to have two packs of the low fat ones at dinner.....i jsut cnat get enough of them....i think coz its noodles/pasta its like comfort food to me...plus with time of the month looming...im scoffing every noodle in sight this week,,,,,,there is no hope for me lol.....noodle heavan !! xx

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