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low fat or low carb??


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Before doing LT tfr I was member ww where you had to point everything based on saturated fat. Obviously post tfr & refeed I want to follow a really healthy eating regime and dont want to put on the weight Ive lost but as I wont have lost all the weight I want to lose yet I will be really watching what Im eating. So what should I be looking for low fat or low carb?
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both i think hun,its all about healthy eating and having a good mixture of everything,im sure that carbs are stored as fat could be wrong though i cant see beyond the LT at the moment,maybe tracy,fi or harriet can help more xx


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Carbs are stored in some ways as fat but like Lillie says, bit of both is best! You have to have a bit of everything to keep yourself on a healthy diet. Which even means a bit of fat and a few carbs here and there! Thats how i managed to keep my weight off after last time anyway!xx


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it depends on what your triggers are and if you are carb sensitive... i find low gi or low carb the best for me ...but everyone is different! Think its just a case of trying and if you gain try a different one until you find one that agrees with your body xx


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Yep, agree with other posters. I try not to do low anything 'natural'. It's just getting a balance.

Strictly speaking, the major guidelines for 'normal' eating goes with getting 55% of your calories from Carbs, 15% from protein, 30% from fats (pref healthy fats)

I wouldn't want to follow a low fat way of eating for the rest of my life. Dry hair, brittle nails etc. We need fats.

Neither do I want to low carb (personal oppinion). Carbs are good, especially complex carbs. Besides, they can make the scales do strange things when if you 'cheat' on a low carb way of eating.:p


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A bit of trial and error, you have to find what is best for you, I'm a bit sensitive to carbs so I know to steer from them, I do still have carbs but in smaller portions, before LT I would have loads of rice, pasta, potatoes etc, and look where that got me. So good luck with finding the balance right for you. xx


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I think its def a balance hun although personally low fat is working for me! i couldnt tell you how many carbs or calories i have at all but i dont have much fat and i am maintaining well xxx
i think same as most others a bit of both!
im the same as you fiona, since refeeding i have got super sensitive to carbs and am much better on brown bread, rice etc and very small portions!
white bread and i balloon up with air in the middle of me and feel generally yuk, heavy and like iv got a bit iron ball in my tummy!
but as you can probably tell i only know that coz iv tried it so you might have similar intolerances or different ones!
i do think that lipotrim resets your body in many different ways and where you had built up a tollerance of stuff before that will be all gone when you refeed! also like fiona said, why bother getting tollerant of stuff again!
i think, low fat is gonna be important for you and really pay attention to how your body feels/reacts to various carbs and maybe not cut them out completely but have little bits of the ones that sit right with you!
god i'm back and so is my waffling...lol!
fran ;)


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weight watchers bread for me guys xx


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Thanks for all the replies, lol will need to study the food pyramid again.
Tracyj - ww brown bread for me too, love it toasted, let it go cold, then have laughing cow light on it.mmmm


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Mmmm Bindi sounds lovely! xxx

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