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Low fat Recipes and meal ideas


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I thought it might be good to start a thread of recipes and low fat meal ideas :)

I saw a thread in one of the other sections and over time it's grown and grown and is really good!

So, so far I have been eating a lot of fish!

Mackerel, seasoned with sea salt, pepper and frech lemonandlime, grilled with new potato's, pea's and sweetcorn! (Go careful with fish because its high in fat, 100g's = about 13g's fat but it differs!

I have been having Asda's Chilli beef soup with two slices of bread and a yoghurt which ='s my fat intake!

Asda'a low fat garlic and herbcheese spread on rivita with ham and cucumber is beautiful and filling!

beans on toast is good and low in fat,so you could have a tiny bit of cheese melted on top to make up the content or a poached egg!

Spag bolis also lovely but I pad it out with loads of veg such as sweetcorn, onion, diced tomato's etcand have it on a jacket taty! Thats Lovvvvverrrly!

And loads more, I've found that you can have pretty normal stuff but check the nutritional info and weigh it out according to fat content!

So, has anyone else got any nice recipes? :)
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One of my fave's just now is Seafood Pasta
One packet seafood cocktail ( mussels, squid and prawns)
Any tomato and herb sauce ( mind check for any olive oil/oil in it ;))
wholewheat spaghetti

Cook the pasta, heat the seafood with the tomato sauce. Once the pasta is cooked, drain and then toss in the seafood :D
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This is a fab thread! :D

I am at a loss as to what I should eat if I decide to start on the Xenical. I have done my online Tesco shop this afternoon and have ordered some Quorn mince for when we have Spagbol (sure I read somewhere it is very low in fat?).

This is what I have planned for this week -

Spag bol (with quorn mince for me)
Turkey escalopes & veg - not sure if this would be ok?
Home made Lasagne - undecided if I should eat it too?
Jacket taters with prawns (DH & Kids will have Cheese)
Sausage,mash & gravy - I`ll have a WW microwave meal
Home made Pizza - Not sure if i can get away with this?
And Sunday we always have a roast, Again, Not sure how to work out the fat % in the meat? =/

For lunchtime meals I have -

Home made Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta
Microwave Pilau ice & Rainbow trout - Hope this is ok =/
Ryvita, Low Fat Garlic & Herb cream cheese and ham
Ham rolls/wraps
Prawn rolls/wraps
Prawns and pasta with cucumber and sweetcorn (homemade)

Would this meal plan be ok? I REALLY wouldn`t want bad side effects =/

LiSe x

S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Sorry forgot to ask, Is Alpen with Semi Skimmed Milk ok?


LiSe x
S: 21st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 7st3lb(33.89%)
Hi LiSe, homemade lasagne and pizza I would probably leave out, due to the fat content of the cheese. Even low fat hard cheddars are still at least 10% fat. Quorn is low fat, but if you really don't want to miss your meat, then ASDA have a very lean mince that is less than 5% fat. Alpen I would watch too, as its got nuts in it, therefore will be higher fat gramme wise. I think Alpen light may be ok, but you would need to check the label. Cereal wise, I usually have Optivita ( the berry one) or Special K ( esp the peach and apricot one :D ).
The one thing you will become very adept at, is reading food labels. Means you're shopping trips will be longer lol, but by going over food labels, you ensure that you're maintaining a low fat diet. Remember you are looking for 5g fat ( or less) for every 100g of product. Also if you do get Xenical, then you can register with them and they said you freebies ( one of which is a wee food directory/my bible ;) )
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Thanks for the advice Ali x

I am such a numpty! I was so focused on the mince I forgot about the cheese :rolleyes:

I was thinking of nipping to Iceland for some WW meals as apparently they`re only £1 for times when my family are having something I shouldn`t.

Forgot to add that all these meals will be bulked out with eg/salad. I also didn`t think about the nuts in the Alpen =/ I do usually get the low fat version but I think I will look for the cereals you have mentioned. I am not a big breakfast eater, But am trying to eat better (usually I would go all day without anything then eat tea in the eve).

Thanks again for the advice/support, Hope you have a good day xxX
S: 21st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 7st3lb(33.89%)
Anytime :) and you have a good day too xx
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
I got the Optivia Brekkie you recommended Ali,

It tastes a bit odd to me lol But the Strawberries in it are HUGE! And it went down well, Thanks for telling me about it :D x
Hi there,

i take 2 GR2 meal replacements, 2 mini meals (breakfast and lunch) and a main meal per day. Altogether making 5 meals per day.

It helps so i do not feel starved for food and also stops the body from storing fat from your food because you are reducing your calories.

My midmorning for example will be 1 hardboiled egg and a slice of toast and my midafternoon meal will be a a cup of cherry tomatoes with 1/2 cup of mozarella low fat, basil and lemon juice.

My main meal (dinner)
white chicken (no skin)
1/2 brown rice
1/2 peas

I also have a fruit before each meal.
i have a sliming world cheese source on my chicken,its really nice.. i use laughing cow extra light i have about 3,and melt them in a pain with a little water..mmm very tasty! x

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