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Low gi diet for girlfriend and I


My girlfriend has Pcos and weighs 206 pounds. She gets all the Pcos symptoms such as facial hair which she tries to deal with as best she can. I got with her with this problem and have done some research about Pcos. It's says that losing 5% of your weight will massively reduce the symptoms but losing the weight is more awkward for a Pcos sufferer. It then stated that the gi diet was the best for this.

I suggested this to my girlfriend as first and foremost I am concerned for her Health and suggested it's better to start now before she is 30 in 2 years time. I didn't want to come across as a complete male and say your fat , you should lose weight so I said the details of diet and I wanted to lose half a stone myself and I'll do the whole thing with her. So I bought the rick gallop 13 week diet plan book and started on Monday. So far so good. I explained to my girlfriend I'd love her fat or thin and she was to do this for herself and not me. Of course it's human nature to find someone with a lovely body more attractive but Im proud that she is doing this for herself and starting a new healthy lifestyle.

I'm 161 pounds and 5ft 7 . I would like to lose about 7 pounds myself. My girlfriend wants to lose 14 pounds as her first target then go from there.

I will keep posting updates
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done to you both for taking on the challenge of losing some weight. GI/GL are supposed to be fab ways to help with pcos. It will be great that you have each other for support. Keep posting on here as it will help keep you focused.


So far.......


B- porridge with a sliced apple
L- chicken salad
D- low fat, home made lasagne

Snacks- satsuma, fat free yogurt, ryevita with laughing cow cheese


B- porridge with cinnamon
L- brown pasta with back bacon and asparagus
D- lasagne ( was lots left over) and a gi salad

Snacks- fruit and nut food bar, satsuma , homemade cranberry muffin


B- porridge
L- tuna salad
D- chicken curry with basmati rice and cooked apple

Snacks- food bar, satsuma, homemade cranberry muffin

Also we drink water and diet coke caffiene free.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Food looks absolutely fab. Hope you are doing well on it. Bodies may be detoxing so you may feel off. Keep ip the water to flush your system.


Thanks molly . It's going well at the moment part from I forgot to mention my girlfriend also has a megacolon from birth so her digestive side can be a lot slower as she hasn't been to toilet since doing the diet. A couple of years ago she got ibs which she kind of welcomed as she would go a lot more often. But now as she's eating good proper food, her ibs has sorted itself out and now she can't go! So we are cutting down on the bran and whole-wheat a little. Quite frustrating really for her. She has done so well this week but because she hasn't been to toilet I doubt much weight will come off till she goes. Poor girl doesn't have much luck. Pcos and a megacolon! She is going to take a special laxative. I just want her to at least lose a couple of pounds soon just to keep the incentive.

I however have lost a couple already, but my toilet issues are fine ha ha. But......... I'm going on a lads weekend to Newcastle this weekend to watch the football. We get a free meal etc which Ill try my best to avoid potatoes and bread etc. Then maybe have a glass of red and stick to vodka tonic.

As for the detox issues I do feel really tired and lazy today



B-all bran
L- pasta with bacon and asparagus
D-low gi homemade chicken fried rice

Snacks- 2 apple pie cookie, satsuma ,two glasses of red wine

Girlfriend had bran flakes for breakfast and strawberries as a snack and no wine all the rest the same

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Pity about the ibs. I have suffered with that. Interestingly, since I went GL and almost wheat free I am absolutely fine!! I reckon I'm a bit wheat intolerant. So GL may help her too if she eases back on wheat products.
Go easy on the lads weekend or you will undo your good work. As you know, in weightloss phase GL recommend no alcohol for four weeks!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
How are you both doing? Are you still on your GL plan?