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Low Syn Sweet Snacks

Yeh I agree also try making the jelly up with a small about of boiling water (just to dissolve it) and then diet lemonade instead of cold water, it's very nice and a bit fizzy.
I also put a muller light in with the jelly and lemonade mix, just stir it in and set as normal and it's just a little bit creamer give it a try u might like it :0)
Thats great guys, thanks!

I've put mullerlight yogurts in the freezer before so they are like ice cream. Also mixed a choccy options with quark and then eat with fruit, which is quite good!
Here are all my low syn treats....


Mini Wham Bars 1.5 syns
Butterkist Toffee Popcorn, 30g 6.5 syns
Fox's Mini Rings, 25g 6 syns
Mini Oreos, 25g 6 syns
Cadbury Brunch Breaks, 23g 5.5 syns
Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons, 15g 3.5 syns
Cadbury Curly Wurly, 15g 3.5 syns
Cadbury Twirl, 22g 6 syns
Milky Way Magic Stars, 12g 3.5 syns
Dairy Milk, 15g 4 syns
Cadbury Chomp, 12g 3 syns
Cadbury Fudge, 13g 3 syns
Cadbury Caramel, 16g 4 syns
Starburst, 16g 3.5 syns
Quavers 4.5 syns
Skips 4 syns
Squares 5 syns
French Fries 4 syns
Ryvita Mini's are HEB
Oaty Bars are HEB
Alpen Light Bars are 2 for HEB
Slimming World Hifi Bars are HEB
Galaxy Ripple 9 syns
Kit Kat Senses 8.5 syns
Moo Moo Biscuits 2 syns
Caramelised Coffee Biscuits 1.5 syns

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