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Lozzy's food diary w/c 15/03/2010

Hi everyone!;)

Ok, so this my 3rd week on WW and I can honestly say I am really enjoying some of the food I have been cooking and also appreciating those treats at the weekend so much more than i ever did before! Anyways, now i am getting to grips with posting etc, thought I would start recording my food diary on here..I always sit down on a Sunday and prepare the week's menu in advance (which personally i find helps me immensely) and I also write down daily the points i am consuming but feel this will be good too and hopefully, people can comment/advise if i am doing anything wrong. Hey...it might give people some idea's for their meals if you stuck or bored..hopefully anyway.:eek: So here goes for today's plan..I will update daily of course:

Points allowance - 21

Cheerios with skimmed milk - 3pts

WW Ready Meal Tomato and basil chicken - 4pts (which was absolutley scrummy i must say)

Afnoon snacks:
2x Tangerines 0.5pts
WW Yoghurt 0.5pts

Home made Cottage pie (made from WW Recipe) - 9pts..this is one of my fave's!!
WW Banofee Dessert - 3pts

2x coffee - 1 pt

So I have used up my total 21 points for today, however, looking at my menu for rest of the week I shall be saving 4pts tomorrow and Wednesday and shall also be doing swimming 3 times this week, so all good..i think??! :confused:

Weigh in tomorrow...praying for atleast 1lb loss which will take me to half a stone down...2 and a bit stone to go, lol

Bye for now x x
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It's Tuesday...it's Weigh in day....and its GOOD NEWS! I have lost 1and half Ibs again this week, yay! Am so pleased as really thought i would gain or atleast STS..its exciting to think that in a few weeks I may well be under 13 stone which is my first goal!

Ok, so the food diary for today is as follows:

Oats so simple - 3

2x toast, 1x Laughing cow cheese and tinned toms - 3.5

Salmon fillet baked with garlic and herb philly topper, 4x new poatoes and veg - 9

Dessert: Strawberries and ice-cream - 3
2x Coffee - 1

Total points today - 19.5
Saved points - 1.5

I shall also be going swimming at lunchtime today, however, I dont tend to count the activity points.

I was a little surprised to see no one had commented on my diary entry yesterday..mine must not be very exciting :-( lol

Oh and whilst i am thinking about it, My OH's mum has one of those stepper machines which she is kindly donating to me..does anyone actually have/use one of these?? If so, are they any good? Obv, I will use it but am hoping it will do something for my jelly belly..dont wanna just end up with bug muscly legs afterwall :)

Thats all for now x x
Wednesday and half way through the week already!! Here is todays plan:

Cornflakes with Skimmed Milk - 3pts

WW 0 point squash and carrot soup (mmm was beautiful)
1 x bread 1.5pts
baked walkers crisps 1.5pts

Chicken cooked in low fat chicken tonight honey and mustard sauce - I have pointed this at 7pts
2x mini WW naan bread - 3pts
Very small portion of wholegrain rice (2 tbsps) - 2pts??

2x Coffee - 1pt

Total points 19 (if i have calculated correctly??!)
2 points saved

I was originally going for chicken balti for tonight but soup was rather spicy so thought it might be a bit too samey if i have another racy dish for tea! :) Not saving as many points as i initially thought this week but hey ho, should have a few spare so i can have some cheeky vodka's at the wkend :)

Swimming again tomorrow to burn off some calories too x
Thursday...this week is flying by! :) Today's plan is as follows:

Cheerios with skimmed milk - 3pts

Rest of my 0pt WW soup
Baked Walkers - 1.5pts
WW Yoghurt - 1pt
Apple - 0.5pts

Gammon, WW swede&Carrot mash with veg - 10pts
Jelly - 0pts

2X Coffee-1 Pt

Total points used - 17pts
Saved points - 4pts! :)

Good day today with saving those points..chinese is calling me on Sat night! :)

Am now off to do some shopping and a little exercise....back tomorrow! x
whoops..hit send far too early :eek: lets continue>>:D

prawn salad, apple and strawberries - 4pts

WW ham&pineapple Pizza - 3.5pts
Microchips - 3pts
Salad - 0

WW Dessert - 3pts (mm, and its the yummy choc brownies ones!)

1x Coffee, 1x Green Tea - 1pt

Points used - 17.5
Saved points - 3.5

I've saved around 12 pts this week so shall have those vodka's i ahve been looking forward to!

Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend tonight whatever you may be doing, bye for now :)
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Hi lozzy, congrats on your loss. You're doing really well. Hope you enjoy your vodka's this week end :).
Hello MarySu!! Thank you so much for your comment..its nice to know someone has actually read my posts and im not just rambling to myself! lol :) The vodka was a great idea..last night! I am feeling ever so delicate today though and unfortunately this is when the diet can sometimes go on the back burner:-( All self inflicted of course so no sympathy for me, hahaha. So the plan (food wise today is):

2x toast, 1x boiled egg, sm baked beans - 7pts

Sugarfree Jelly - 0
Baked walkers - 1.5pts

OK here's where i poss need some help..due to the hangover (which is not an excuse i know, but i proper crave sweet naughty things) so i have had a can of cherry coke this morning as needed the sugar rush..does anyone know how to point this? The can was 149 calories but with there being no fat content/sat fat dont know what to put for this??

Also, does anyone know how many points a galaxy ripple choc will be please? I know this is incredibly naughty of me but im afraid it's one of those days!! I will be going swimming first thing in the morning and will be back on track food wise tomorrow no doubt about it!

Didnt actually have the WW dessert last night so have an extra 3pts there which is a good thing considering my mood today!

We are having a chinese tonight..I will stick to the healthiest option of chicken chow mein and hope above hope that i havent gone too far over my points today!

If anyone can advise on the above questions, id be very grateful :)

Thanks peeps x
Hi Florabell!

Thanks so much for the quick response, v much appreciated! Not as bad as i initially thought either which is great..im sure to go over a few points tonight with the chinese but hopefully the swimming and some of my saved points will even it out somewhat...i hope!

Thanks again :) x
Good afternoon everyone!

Why do weekends go so quickly? Cant believe its already Sunday and another week is upon us so soon. So yday, I definately went over my points although did better than i thought when it came to the chinese..had a chicken chow mein and picked at a few little bits but didnt finish it all..which is amazing considering how hungover i felt..would usually eat anything in sight when im feeling that rough :)

So, today is a new day and the sun is shining :) Unfortunately, my alarm didnt go off this morning so i missed swiming :-( I shall go tomorrow instead and try to make up for this. I am making a roast chicken with all the trimmings for tonight so will be having a bowl of cornflakes shortly and will hold out for my scoff later. Im guessing my roast will be around 15pts maximum so if i have my cereal and a few brew's throughout the day, i should well be within my points :)

As it is Sunday..i shall be doing my usual tonight by sitting down and planning next week's meals..i then do my shopping order online and tomorrow it will be delivered by good old Asda!

Next weigh in for me is Tuesday morning and i am not sure why, but just feel i may STS this week..if that is the case, i wont let it get me down..will just work that much harder and get a bit more exercise in! Just hope i dont gain really...

Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend x
Good morning everyone! Although not feeling too fresh today as only had 3hrs sleep last night...was one of those nights that regardless of what i did..i just couldnt sleep, has drove me mad i tell ya! So, im off to bed in a minute to get a few hours kip and hopefully will feel refreshed and back on form around lunchtime! I'm very lucky I dont start my new job until Monday next week so i can actually do this :)

So this said, breakfast was going to be cornflakes but as i'll be sleeping i will miss that out and start from lunchtime:

Total points allowance: 21pts

Boiled egg on 2x toast - 5pts
WW Yoghurt - 1pt
Baked crisps - 1.5pts,

Salmon fillet with garlic and herb philladelphia, new potatoes and veg - 8pts

2x coffee -1pt
1x Green Tea - 0

Total points used: 16.5pts
Saved points: 4.5pts

Probably a good thing ive managed to save those points as the plan was to go swimming today..due to the lack of sleep however, i really have'nt the energy and there is only a short time slot for adult swimming at my baths which is between 11am-12 noon! I shall do some sit ups later this afternoon when i am back in the land of the living :)

I Have my weigh in tomorrow first thing and will go swimming after that. So..this is my last entry for this week..I will start a new food diary tomorrow and let you all know how i've got on with the WI. Have to be honest, dont particularly have high hopes this week but we shall see!

Good luck to everyone with a weigh in on a monday x
OMG...i am amazed to say I have lost another 1.5lbs! So thats now 9lbs down in 4 weeks..am pretty happy with that! :) If i keep at it or maybe up the exercise i could potentially have lost a stone by mid-end of April..that would be so fab!

Now, i dont usually have a treat night on WI night as I understand most ppl do, however, I have got the biggest craving for Lasagne right now! I know i could pick up a healthier version but i really fancy making my own..which does unfortunately consist of cream/cheese etc so potentially a lot of points! I am going to make this tonight and then just give it my all for the next 6 days and hope i will still lose for next WI. So here goes, food for today will be:

Cornflakes with skimmed milk - 3pts

2x brown toast with 1 Laughing Cow (Xtra Light) and tinned toms - 4pts

X2 Coffee - 1pt
Sugar free Jelly - 0pts

The very naughty lasagne with salad - really not sure what this would be, id guess around 15? Could be more, could be less but should imagine I will be well over points today! :-(

Off swiming at lunch which can only help and will do extra sit-ups to try and make up..the rest of the week, I shall be an angel :)

Hope you all have a nice day :)


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You go girl. Another loss, good for you. Enjoy every bit of your dinner tonight, you deserve it.
aww thanks hun! I know i'll feel really guilty when i've finished my tea but will enjoy every mouthful whilst scoffing it, lol :)
Hey :)

So, the Lasagne last nice was definately worth it!! was absolutley scrummy if i do say so myself :) I hate to think how many points i used on it tho as there was a load of cheese and single cream involved! Oh well, no point sulking about it now, afterall nobody forced me to make it and i did enjoy it, which is the main thing. I think there's nothing worse than being naughty but not actually enjoying it at the time :) So, enough about my naughty-ness, lol
:) back on form today and the food i shall be having is as follows:

Cornflakes with skimmed milk - 3pts (ppl may find this weird but i actually stick them in the microwave once the milk is on for about a minute, comes out all warm and lovely)

WW 0 Point squash and carrot soup - obv 0pts
Baked Walkers - 1.5pts
Shape strawberry yoghurt - 1pt

2x chicken burgers on wholemeal buns with salad & microchips - 10pts
Strawberries and Ice-cream - 3pts

2x coffee - 1pt

Total points used: 19.5
Total points saved: 1.5

I have done some sit-ups this morning and will hopefully be trying out my stepper machine thing this afternoon. I am also meant to be going swimming this evening..can't say im especially in the mood for it but suppose i best push myself if i hope to see good results next week on WI day!

Oops..fallen behind a little on my diary these last few days but it's all good as i have still noted down on paper what i have been having to transfer on to here. So....

Wednesday's food diary>

Cornflakes with skimmed milk (AGAIN, just love em!)- 3pts

0 point soup - obv 0PTS
Baked Crisps - 1.5pts
Solero Exotic - 2.5pts??

2x Chicken burgers on wholemeal small buns & microchips - 10pts

2x coffee - 1pt
Sugarfree Jelly - 0pts
2 x vodka, diet lemonade - 3pts

Used all of my allownace today :-( bit concerned about the weekend coming up as will be out drinking on Friday AND Saturday!! Hopefully dancing will burn some calories and i'm gonna jump on my stepper and do some sit-ups this afternoon..hopefully will even out a bit

I also showed great restraint last night, was v proud of myself..my lovely (yet skinny) friend came around to ours and ont he way said would i like a domino's, her treat??? arrrrghh, was very hard to refuse, but i did! yay!

Today's menu is as follows:

Didnt have any as was out quite early today shopping with my friend

"go ahead" yoghurt and forest fruit bars - 2pts
WW Tomatoe basil chicken ready meal - 4pts
1 x small wholemeal bun - 2pts

Gammon, WW swede and carrot mash with veg - 10pts

2x coffee - 1pt

Total points used - 19pts
Saved points - 2pts...phew! :)


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Just thought i'd "pop in" and say hi. Glad to see you're still going well hun. How did you refuse the pizza, you seriously must have great will power. Good on ya.
haha :) thanks for popping in hun, much appreciated! No really i haven't..can't tell you how hard it was to say No to! :) Think it helped that my tea was already cookin when she text me and because i was having chicken burgers, it wasn't such a boring one either! We shall see how much willpower I have this weekend...as its 2 nights on the razz! Thats where i let myself down because drinking then leads to snacking/eating crap etc..and even if i resist then, i generally get the hangover munchies!! No win situation really, but what can i say, i enjoy a good drink at the weekend :) Hope you have a cracking one whatever you may be doing x x

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