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LT Forum- the family we choose for ourselves!

Hey gang,

Just wanted to say I ruddy bloody LOVE you lot!!!

You're pretty much the first ones I turn to when I'm feeling blue and I am humbled, blessed, overwhelmed, surprised, honoured and downright ASTOUNDED by the support you all give.

When I look at how amazingly well you're doing...the personal battles you're all going through... I just think how strong, beautiful and incredibly special you all are.

There's never a question that goes unanswered or a cry for help that goes uncomforted. After today I now KNOW I'd never get through this without you all.

Thank you for helping me change my life. I owe you all more than I can ever express.

Love in abundance

Luce xxxx
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Hear hear - agree with you totally Luce
we only give back the amazing support you give us x

this place is amazing.
so many people all sharing one major life changing journey.
its great to know people are there to listen when we feel down or celebrate our losses with.
I agree with every word. I know for a fact, I would not be where I am today without the help and support of all the people on this site.
Aw, aren't you lovely!

I totally agree - when I think to myself, "what's different this time?" that's allowed me to succeed where I've failed before, I'm sure it's this place! Even though I've not posted about any major issues, it's just such a great help being here & knowing other people are going through it & that there'd be someone to help if I did!

Glad to hear you sounding a bit brighter :)

In the words of patric swayze :cry: ditto

i think it's coz we all know exactly what we are going through and what its like to be big and all have a problem with food in one way or another ! no one who hasn't been big or had a food addiction has a bloody clue ......so hello to everyone at my second home :love::gen126:

debz x
AAAAAH! You've made me eyes leak again! Why are you doing this to me woman!

We're all sailing in the same boat and we all totally understand were we're all coming from, which is a rarity!

Where else would you get a load of hormonal starved women full of vitamins and minerals who don't ***** and squabble?! No where I tells ye, no where!

MiniMins is the dog's wotsits and you're all little angels sent to keep me sane and remind me that I'm not alone in this big mad world.

Thank you gorgeous people! Oh and the biggest thank you in the world to Mini for giving us this forum! She is a life saver!


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I vote yeaaaahhhh as well. Great support,great advice,great people.


Silver Member
Agreed, in a dirty way :banana dancer: hahahahaha
awww feel the love!!

It's be great if all my actual family got on so well all the time! lol!

love you LT guys and girls :D
i couldnt agree more, my first few LT days were hard then i discovered minimins and its been so much easier. the support is amazing.
thank you to every1

x x
I'm so greatful for this forum its packed full of information and advice and best of all wonderful people who understand what we are going through, big hugs to everyone

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