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LT hen night (warning contains food)


a new way of living!
Hi all,

well I had my hen day/night last friday, and I am really pleased with how it went.

we were all going to alton towers, but I had to change plans due to a bad back! so instead we went shopping in bham, saw a movie (inception) went for a meal, on to a bar, and then to a strip/lap dancing place (spearmint rhinos) I know its odd but thats what you get when your bridesmaid is gay, a lap dance off a woman! lol.

anyway, I planned to stay on LT all weekend (stayed at my mums) except for the meal, which was going to be at nando's so I could just have chicken salad. I also planned to not drink - and it all went to plan!

I had a lemon and herb chicken salad with feta, diet coke, and a few nuts and olives. it did make me a little hungry, and wanting to munch, but I managed to keep control.

I never had any alcohol, what with this diet and all the meds I take I think alcohol would have finished me off! lol.

at the velvet bar on broad st, they kindly gave me a fishbowl full of an exotic cocktail, there were 4 of us, I couldn't/wouldn't drink, my bridesmaid is t-total, my other friends were driving, so the only person drinking was my bridesmaids girlfriend, she gave it a good shot but couldn't finish it! it was a sweet thought, I appreicated the gesture, but alas we had to donate it to a table of girls.

I was really good all night. since thurs last week and this morning I have only lost 1/2 lb, but I have been pretty much spot on today. wi tomorrow so hoping i'll still have a loss of a couple of lbs this week.

i'll keep you posted. :)
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very well done hun, you really kept control, dunno if i could have lol, and congrats by the way


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Well done! Amazing willpower! Think I would have caved in 5 mins flat!


a new way of living!
lol thanks, I almost did, the nuts got me, usually not bothered about nuts, but after a couple of cashews (roasted, sorry about the food talk) they were so tasty, not sure about the carbs, but at least i still lost weight, I think if I was doing SW or WW I would have gained about 3lbs as I would have wrote off the whole week.

I am very protective of my ketones, it took a lot of hard work to get them, lol.
well done!!
i dont think i would have had the will power


a new way of living!
My back has been playing up a lot, and I know it hurt a lot less when I was lighter, so that is my main motivation, I miss food, but its not forever. I will have to eat and maintain when I have the final fitting for my wedding dress, just hoping to lose as much as poss between now and then. :)

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