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~Lucky~'s quest to win back her body!

I'm about to restart SW this Thurs and I thought I'd start this diary as a way of keeping on track and also to have a little bit of an overhaul of my mindset. Maybe if I put this diary out there I might realise that people may actually think i'm worth listening to!

I originally started back in March when my son was 7 weeks old weighing in at 12st (that's me, not my son. He's a chunk but not that bad....) At the time I kept telling myself that it wasn't really all that bad, I still fit in a lot of my old clothes and they had a size 12 label on them and I had just had 2 babies 20 months apart so I should give myself a break. In reality that 12st made me obese, the 'size 12' clothes were maternity clothes and were not even close to regular size 12's and being pregnant was no excuse for eating like a horse for the duration of both pregnancies!

After losing about 17lbs I just really couldn't get back into it, flounced about thinking about losing weight but not actually doing it but enough is enough. I'm still only 24 and seriously regret not making the most of my body when I had one! Even when I was about 8st7 and a size 8/10 I wouldn't wear a bikini because I was too self conscious.

So now i've decided to get back on track, i'm joining a new class this Thursday and today I bought myself a new outfit from Asda to have as a goal outfit. It's something I would NEVER wear out (unless it's for fancy dress!) and you'll understand why when you see it! It has a 50's pin-up vibe to it but it was something I just really wanted even if I only wore it around the house. I had spied it a few weeks ago but at £12 I wasn't going to buy it and never wear it but today it was reduced to £1.50!! So it's going to remain hanging up on my wall as a reminder of where I want to get to.
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So I decided to change my SW class for a few reasons, one of which is the fact that this new class is a 9.30am class, whereas my last class was a 6pm one. The problem with that was that I found myself being really funny with what I ate one weigh in day for the sake of the scales. I was always worried that if I had a few too many bananas that day or drank too much water it would basically 'mask' all of my hard work for the week. It got to the point where I would ONLY wear leggings and a light top, I would go to the toilet about 5 times in the hour before WI and would barely eat anything all day. I tried doing it at home so that I wouldn't have the time problem but I really needed to be accountable to someone. Now that my husband has started working shifts and I work part time I have the luxury of being able to have a bit of kid free time in the morning and i'm going to make the most of it.

I expect i'll have gained a little weight when I go back. Although I doubt it'll be more than a few pounds. My scales never did match with the C's but i'm pretty sure i'm not far off from where I used to be. I'll be taking my old card with me as well so i'm not sure whether they'll be able to trace my loses thus far from that or whether i'll have to start from scratch. The main thing is that i'll know i've lost 2st even if i've only got 2 1st stickers to show for it!
So i've just rejoined and according to the SW scales i've put on 2lbs I last went to group. Since that was around 2 months ago then i'm pretty happy with that since I could have easily gained more.
Hi Lucky, am in a rush but just wanted to say well done on your tiny gain and good luck with your journey, that dress is gorgeous x
Next summer you'll be wearing that dress with pride! I think it's really pretty too, you should wear it. Even if it's only out once as you'll know it's your target dress and that'll mean a lot to you. Good luck. x
I actually forgot I'd even started this thread! Not the best start!

Well I had my first WI last week and I managed to lose 7lbs!! Which actually astounds me because I had a night out that week (and my promise to stick to single vodka diet coke all night went a bit squiffy by the end, although I did manage to avoid the kebab!) I pledged 2lbs for this week and managed to lose 1.5lbs which I'm again happy with since I had another night out and didn't avoid the kebab!

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