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Lucy vs Tango Man vs Wedding dress..



2 months on zen and seem to be getting a bit lost with it so thought it better start keeping a track of it all and get some advice from the experts.. you guys!!

So here are my targets:
1. Get down to a size 14 wedding dress.. size 20 at the mo so long way to go!!
2. Cut down alcohol (no booze until my first xmas party on the 10th of December) so 6 weeks booze free
3. Keep doing my abba dance work out (even if i do look like a clown!)
4. Reduce the bathroom time with zee tango man!!:eek:

My weigh in day will be a wednesday so will let you all know then!

My current weight: 18 stone 3lbs :sigh:
Target for 1st December: 17st 12 lbs

sounds simple enough...!! :sigh:

Right today's food:

Brekki: Vitality breakfast bar with a shape fat free yoghurt
Lunch: Morrisons macaroni cheese (3.4g fat per tin) added some tomatos and fine beans.
snack: 6 haribo stawberrys and subway salad (4.0gs fat)
Dinner: Fat free veggie curry( tomato's, fine beans, onion and chillis)

Normally have a morning off school tomorrow but am in as i have a mountain of marking to do! boo hoo!

Wish me luck on my mission- any advice greatfully taken!!

Lucy xx:D
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Hi Lucy :) I'm only new here too ,my goals are similar I would love to get into a 14 for Christmas or early next year! I'm aiming to have as Lil tango as possible too! It sounds so easy but it can be hard some days.. I do my weighins on a Wednesday so I will be updating my diary tomorrow!

Good luck (not that you will need it ;)
Hi girls & welcome! I'm on week 6, 15lbs lost up to now & no real tango moments, slight blip once last week but I'm still not sure it was tango.... Once you get your head around it it's like second nature.... I aim for a size 16 in the end & anything smaller would be amazing. 16 years since I was smaller than a 16!

Good Luck to you both xx
Very best of luck although I echo that you wont need it, you sound so determined. As for advice? I am only 3 months in myself but I will say this: You learn what works for you. For example, some people can't eat eggs but I do without tango man visiting, some things will shock you (my future MILs sunday lunch is clearly more high in fat than lean meat and vegs appear) and sometimes it sodding well sucks not being able to join in with takeaways etc (because on lots of diets you can cheat and say youll get back on track the next day and with xen you know if youve taken it within 72 hours youre risking it). I am guessing you've already found this in your two months.

I started as a 16/18 bottoms and 18/20 tops. Now a 14 bottom and 16/18 top (more often 18, I am annoyingly top heavy). I will pop in and say hi and see how you're getting on, if you dont mind!

Seren xx
Being annoying top heavy, is alright for some :)
I am annoyingly middle heavy and have lost weight from top and bottom lol so legs look good and my shoulders and back look good..
Sadly when I say "top heavy" I basically mean anything from the hips up! All my weight is tummy/boobs/arms so even with a size 14 bottom on first glance I still look "big" where as my Mum carried all her weight on her hips/bum/thighs and even at a size 18 bottom looked slim on first glance.
Jus found your journal Lucy makes a note to kick your butt!!! X

Sent from my iPhone so excuse the typos


Hi Lucy :) I'm only new here too ,my goals are similar I would love to get into a 14 for Christmas or early next year! I'm aiming to have as Lil tango as possible too! It sounds so easy but it can be hard some days.. I do my weighins on a Wednesday so I will be updating my diary tomorrow!

Good luck (not that you will need it ;)
Thanks huni!

Thanks guys you lovely bunch of zen'ers!! Hope this week's weigh in goes well.

So today, back to school after a good weekend (no wine, no naughtiness and no tango- hurray!!)

Getting all the planning done for xmas and trying to make lots of healthy choices in between the odd glass of champers. Given that i'm in charge everything will be low fat except the tatties- eat it or don't. Won't be taking my zen that day tho but straight on for boxing day especially now that we have bought our wedding rings.. scary stuff!! Luckily the jeweler said they will size it for me in the dear hope i loose the flab!

There was an offer on Groupon today for Gastric hypnotherapy- anyone tried this?? sounds interesting!

Anyway meals for today:
Brekki: 2 oranges and 2 oat crunchies (3.3g)
Lunch: Tikka mug shot (which was AMAZING!!) and an apple
snack: some hairbo and a packet of quavers
Dinner: Roast beef which loads of veggies!!

only 2 zen today as forgot at breakfast but i assume I shall be fine!!

Hope everyone else is ok and doing well.. 2 sleeps to weight in!! :confused:

Lucy xx


Weigh in day and to be honest I'm not overly hopeful. So thought id to my diary first in the hope that nature may call first lol

Food for yesterday:
Breakfast- 2 apples and coffee
Lunch- spicy tomato mugshot ( for got to take my zen!!!)
Dinner- pasta and paprika chicken and veggies- was super yummy!!

Back still really sore from falling down the stairs at work so off to the doctor this morning.

Right weigh in time...


And the scales say.. -3lb!! Hurray. Really pleased with myself and would like to achieve the same next week but would be happy for 2lb a week!

So happy!!


Right.. Enjoyed some wine and bad snacks last night and it's time to get down to it!!

Got veggie soup on the go for lunch for the next few days. Popping on the scales tomorrow to check the damage which I don't think will be too bad tbh. decided im having no take away until the wedding.

Got Zumba for the wii and aiming to do that every day. right off to do the soup!

Happy new year everyone!! Xx
Hi Lucy... Are you making the soup yourself? Do you recommend any recipes to try? I have just bought the Zumba DVDs they were on offer in tesco so plan to start those today... Recovering from broken ankle so hoping I have enough movement to give them a go
I make a red pepper & tomato soup which is

2 litres of stock (made using a beef Knorr stock pot)
1 x red onion
2 x pointed red peppers
2 tins chopped tomato
salt & pepper to taste

Boil for around 15 minutes & blitz - LOVELY


Lisa- its just veggies and stock with some pearl barley! Boiled with some chicken and then blitzed! Yummy! X

Not been feeling great today so day 1 back on the zen has been spent between the couch and bathroom. So haven't eaten very much.

Lunch/snack:,2 bowls of veggie soup
Dinner: homemade chilli with rice

Meeting Butter for lunch tomorrow so zen fun all around!! Xx


Right- weighed in at 17st 13lbs this morning which means I lost a pound over Xmas which is brill as I was quite naughty.

Aiming for less carbs from here until the wedding so less pasta, rice etc more lean protein and veggies.

Weather here is mental!!

Off to de clutter all the Xmas crap and clean the kitchen- still feeling quite poorly so will be taking it easy.

Will post meals etc later today xx

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