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lunch ideas???


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Just a few ideas

Green Days:
Jacket Potatoes
Tuna/Pasta bake
Veg Soup
Pita Wrap
Egg/Baked Beans/ SW Chips
Lentil Curry

Red Days:
Roasted Chicken
Prawn Stir Fry Veg
Tandoori Chicken Breasts
Baked Salmon with Spinach
Today I have homemade pasta salad. It's 3 chopped peppers, 4 spring onions, two quorn chicken fillets and as much penne pasta as I feel like, with tarragon and parsley & salt/pepper, mixed with 2tbsp's of hellman's extra light mayo. It's yummy, got the recipe out of the SW mag last summer. Really filling and I count half of it as 1 syn. Other days I would have baked potatoes, sandwiches, soups. There's lots of ideas for lunches and dinners over in the recipes section too.
I am actually having rice and chicken today with some hot sauce thrown in so not much help!

Other days I have -
+ fried (frylight) English breakfast as I can't stomach it early in the morning but love it later in the day
+ Tomato pasta with chicken and onions in
+ Soup
+ Stuffed jacket potatoes with chilli con carni
+ Chips, sausages and beans
i am frightened that i am not eating enough, i used to forget to eat alot as my 2 yr old took up so much of my time, and was lucky if i had anything by 7pm!

i have bought a diary to keep in my handbag to write down everything that goes into my mouth, i find this the easiest way to control this

does anybody else forget to eat or is that another thing that is stragely me?


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I have 3 kids and to be honest sometimes I'm always on the run, but I always make time for my food (even if I have to carry it along with me while I am doing things).
I'm having rice and left over quorn chilli today but my other favourite meals are a batcholars pasta and sauce with a slice of ww toast or, veg cous cous with either grilled chicken or turkey. Pizzas made with ww bread, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms and tomato puree which i have to syn. For something quick, I fry some cook from frozen chicken peices in fry light, coat in pepper and then mave with mayo and a jacket potato, or pasta and sometimes couscous and pitta bread.
I sometimes forget my 2nd HEB if I'm on a red or green day, get used to doing extra easy for half the week I forget I should have more bread on other days.
so far today i have had 2 bannanas 2 pears muller light 4 slices bacon egg half tin beans and tomatoes a pot noodle in a mug some pineapple and some grapes ........ now whats for lunch lolol

alll of the above = half a syn ( for the pot noodle in a cup )

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