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Lunch today


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I met my OH for lunch today and I thought sod it after 16 weeks on my diet I am going to be naughty. So I had a tuna baguette - I know it is not that bad but I don't normally eat at lunchtime, always have my bar. Am going to have soup for tea tonight so the calories will not be affected but why do i feel so naughty :rolleyes:
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You probably only feel naughty because its a change from your normal routine. You know you haven't really been naughty calorie-wise because you are still within your limits. Your will-power has always amazed me, sticking to SF products even when its your birthday and work dos etc. I would guess its purely that you have done something different than you have for the last 16 weeks.

Hope you enjoyed the tuna baguette and at least you know now that if you want to you can switch the meals round and still have a soup with the family at tea time.

BL x


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Thanks BL. I actually had a tin of ravioli and two pitta bread for tea with a yoguart. I got on the scale this morning (didn't do it yesterday) and I had not lost or gain anything so that is okay. I know what you mean that it is just because I have changed routine. Suppose I am a routine kinda girl - lol.

How you doing this week?
Sticking to plan 100% so far but by saying that I have probably just jinxed myself. Decided that the weather was far too nice today for going to the gym so went to play tennis instead. Walked to the park (4miles) then played tennis for 2 hours. Stupidly didn't realise how hot it actually was because of the breeze and I could now be mistaken for a lobster :eek: Now covered in aftersun and hoping I won't look too bad tomorrow or everyone at the gym will be laughing as they were sensible and stayed indoors!

You might even find changing your meals around every now and then might even help with your metabolism FF. Glad you didn't gain from your change around. For some reason I have it in my head that I'm only allowed 1200cal per day although its really upto 1400. I feel guilty if I go over my 1200 and its completely daft but I can't help it. I guess we all have our little routines!

Good luck this week FF
BL x


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I think you're probably right about boosting my metabolism but we will see when I weigh in on Monday.

Take care and have a fantastic weekend.


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