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I also struggle with lunches - well work lunches really. On Friday I had a jacket spud (which I burned my mouth on) and ff cottage cheese with a side salad. Today I got a chicken and tomato pasta salad thing from Sainsburys (4.5 syns).

I am rubbish with work lunch inspiration so I will watch this thread with interest.


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I have the same thing almost every day: pasta salad made up of quorn chicken with spring onion, red pepper and penne pasta with salt, pepper, 2tbsp extra light mayo, parsley and tarragon :) it serves 2-4 so it works out around 1 syn for the mayo, or 1/2 a syn if you have less..


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There are lots of threads with ideas if you want to do a search.
It sort of depends what you have available at work eg kettle? microwave? But here are a few ideas.

Pasta/rice/cous cous salad
SW quiche
Stuffed pitta bread
Rice pudding
Rice/Corn cakes or Pagen Krisp Breads with cheese, ham, cottage cheese, RF coleslaw, veggies etc
Leftovers from dinner the night before
Ainsley Harriott cous cous - cooks in 5 mins in a lidded box - and add some veggies

Invest in a food flask and you can take pretty much anything

Hope that helps


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mugshot or low fat supernoodles or tinned spagetti, with fruit, alpens and FF yog (when I was working, green day)


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I'm lucky as I'm home most lunchtimes, so I can cook what I like. My absolute favourite is a low fat sausage (1 syn), fried egg (half a syn), mushrooms & tinned tomatoes. If I haven't already had my HEB I'll have toast too.

I also like jacket potato with lashings of VLF cottage cheese & a squirt of Hellmans very light mayo (1 or 2 syns), with ham.

When I was working & doing SW I would take a salad every day, with chopped up apple & orange in it (love the sweet & savoury flavours toegther)

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Have a look at the food diary section Hun. I have a variety of things for lunch times.


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I usually have jacket potatoes, omlettes, scrambeled eggs & bacon.. When Im working its usually a packed lunch sandwich, fruit & snack a jacks or something.
Today I had a big sandwich with ham & salad, mullerlight, fruit and a pack of baked crisps (walkers ones 5 syns each)

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