Lurked revealed!


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Hello, I have been lurking around this forum all week reading all of your stories and advice and have found it it really helpful. I have stuck to ss 100% all week and at my 1st weigh in tonight I have lost 7lb & 3.5 inches from my waist! I think that's a good start and am happy though I did think I may hav lost more weight as my scales at home said 10lb.... I think swigging almost a litre of water pre appointment may not have helped but I was having a wee wee test for ketosis so wanted to make sure I needed it. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, your posts have kep me going with it this week x
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Wow well done, thats amazing. A brilliant start to the diet

Everyone on the forums are very supportive, they are also a great way to distract my from food (that's currently what I am doing now lol)

:D x


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Haha I have found this too! By the way, my header is meant to be "lurker revealed" silly iPad changing my spelling! Thank you I am chuffed x


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Well done on your first week loss, my CDC has told me not to drink any water before weighing. Hopefully next week that water will be gone and ur bigger loss will show
Keep up the good work


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Well done a your first week... how was your 2nd WI?


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That's a brill loss well done


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what a great result!! I remember being told that 1 pint of water can equate to 2lb! How are you doing now? x