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Lydia's Slimming World Diet Diary

How dumb am I? I have never noticed this section :copon:

Bot time I started a diary then heh?

Well yesterday was disaterous - had a serious binge and the scales this morning are showing a 1lb as a result!! So I have gotta be uber good until my weigh in on Friday morning to just try and claw back a STS, I really am mad with myself, I know these thing happen, but I have no one to blame but myself.

Gonna have a couple of low syn days to try and claw back some respectability :eek:
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Welcome hun...
I always did wounder why you never wrote in my sw diary! Glad to see you have a diary now.
Dont worry about the binge we all do it. If you cut back on your syns till wi im sure you will get a sts.
Good luck xx


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, don't worry about the binge, just get right back on track today, you may even have a decent loss on friday if you are good xx
thanks guys x


Is so very nearly there!
Oh I love a binge lol

You can claw that bk im sure....

Just had a lovely salad for lunch, loads of lettuce, tomato and cucumber, 2 sliced eggs, 42g low fat cheddar and 1 tablespoon of Hellmans EL Mayo - I forgot how lovely salads are and how filling they can be, I'm stuffed!!
Thanks hun, keeping myself busy tonight so I am not tempted by anything I shouldn't be LOL!!


Is so very nearly there!
Oooh I aint a salad fan, gimme a plate of veg any day pmsl!!

yesterday went according to plan and I didn't stray, which was good, got a good food plan in place for today, need to work hard now to get that STS tomorrow morning. Then try not to have any unexpected binges next week!! Just ordered myself three new fitness dvds (Pump it Up, 10 minute solution Kickbox Bootcamp and Kate Lawlers cardio kickbox) - no idea when I will be trying these out but they were all on offer!!! Got a 4 mile walk planned tonight, then an 8 miler Saturday then my longest walk on Monday - 14 miles!! Only 2 weeks to go until the Moonwalk, I'm getting nervous now!
wow, only 2 weeks to go - i remember when you first decided to do it. have you got your decorated bra?

i'd love to do it sometime - maybe next year.
Oh dear lord no!!! I'm walking in the teeshirt, not sure the streets of London are ready for me in a bra!!! AND its cold at night you know!! I'm not good in the cold!!

You should give it a go, its a great experience. Hopefully I'm going to do a Triathlon next year, assuming I can learn to ride a bike!!
You don't need to, the teeshirt comes ready with a pink glittery bra printed on it, I tried wearing it to the gym but got a funny look, I'll post a pic of me in it for our works magazine


It went well thanks hun, lost 1lb!! Was convinced the best I would get is a STS, so really pleased with that! Hows you?

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