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Lyndsey weight loss diary

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well here goes...losing weight again. I lost 2 and half stone last year with slimming world but didn't reach target. I did really well, but now i've put weight back on, not all but enough to make me feel fed up. my relationship with food isn't great so i thought that if i wrote down what i am going through, this will be the time that it stays off..hopefully

i am in a show at the end of July so to be near to where i was will b great...planning on going back to slimming world next week so should have a better idea of the task in hand. Wish me luck...

mixed bean chilli for tea...from extra easy cook book...yummy
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S: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb
well just walked to pick Marcus up from school and we both walked back about 3 mile round trip...can home via the park and barbers so broke it up a bit...but i feel good, at least i'm doing something.:)

I have dancing tomorrow, and i'll make myself keep up!!

proud..a good start...now for that chilli!!!:eatdrink023:
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Well going for first weigh in tomorrow i know it is going to be bad...but at least i'm doing something about it now and not sitting watching telly eating bags of sweets and crisps...the only way is up ..,.well down!!! but you know what i mean. Just join a my challenge to lose 6lbs by 29thMay, when i go to Reading to see my friend. If i manage this this hopefully so of my clothes may feel alittle looser, I may even be able to breath...always nice :)

Thinking about goals
1. To go to group
2. To lose 6lbs by 29th May
3. To lose 1 stone
Hey good luck with your weigh in tomorrow - wednesday is my weigh in day too - i joined slimming world for the first time a few weeks ago. Had three weigh ins lost two weeks and gained one ( i blame the royal wedding!) Found this forum by accident but its so good reading how others are getting on - can be quite motivational knowing that other people are going through the same thing and finding out how people deal with their issues. I was just off to start my own thread for a diary (like you i think it might be good for me to see what im doing and when im eating and why) when i seen yours so thought id wish you luck :) x
S: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb
I'm really enjoying the forum too, Good Luck with your journey. Looking forward to seeing your Diary



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Good luck with the weigh in - well done for getting back in the saddle!!!
S: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb
well just been to the gym ran 2km in 20mins on treadmill...not been on for 3 months and hate running so quite pleased with myself. Also downloaded c25k on ipod so going to use this, might even do Race for Life. Had to miss it last year as i was in hospital.

Still not looking forward to tomorrow...i know the antisipation is worst than actually doing it.

Thanks for replies guys it means alot...

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Well on returning to group.... i've put 1 stone on in 13 weeks, aprrox 1lb a week so there is where my journey will begin again. I'm aiming for 1 lb a week loss anything eles is a bonus!!
Just putting together a plan of our meals over the next couple of days so i can pop to the shops tomorrow.
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Well a good day I've eat well, wanted to go for a run but weather wasn't my friend, might try for the morning. I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom just to register my fresh start. Yes a good day, just back from sainsbury's i was really good and only bought good things...extra fruit to keep me going, bacon for breakfast tomorrow. Going to have free full breakfast...really looking forward to that.
Well here's to a good day tomorrow!!
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100% day...not sure i can be quite as good tomorrow. I am at a competition all day, I've planned and packet a lunch and snacks, so far so good. Even planned in a Chicken Chow Mein for tea...but we will see. Also meeting up with a friend for lunch on Tuesday, so a little worried about that, but as long as i stay in control and think about my goal i should be fine...i hope. Didn't manage a run today, was going to the gym but a real mix up there..long story!!!
well busy day tomorrow so early bed for me..night

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