M & S food moments...


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Anyone else finding that they are starting to describe food in ways that wouldn't be out of place in an M&S ad?

I just got through describing the porridge foodpack I had this morning to a friend of mine, who said I was starting to describe absolutely any sort of food in incredibly descriptive, vivid, sensual language.

*husky voice* "This porridge foodpack isn't just porridge. It's lovely, sweet, creamy porridge with a hint of texture from the fine-ground, imported husks and pure, spring water..."

Am I alone in this? Will it pass?
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I know I can do it..
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LMAO! Hmmm I might give the porridge a go now!! :D

Well, I only describe the forbidden foods in that kinda way. I don't know if it's my imagination or not but the M&S adverts are on the tele more these days!!! Probably because Christmas is coming up, but I swear.... it's because i'm on a diet and their trying to tempt me hehe :p


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i don't watch telly. don't even have an aerial. so at least i don't have to watch those this year!! they are hell!!

abz xx


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It`s murder , walked into M & S last thursday ( day 1) and they were advertising a toastie that had me drooling. Managed to resist though.