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Madeleine McCann its 2 years today


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Oh yes, so it is. I still wonder about her. I actually thought she was dead from the beginning and now I think her parents know more than they let on. There's something weird about them, especially Kate. I believe they were drugging the kids to keep them asleep and quiet and not just the night she went 'missing'. It'd be very easy to give just that little bit too much sedative, especially when intoxicated.

Of course I would love to be wrong and to find out some day she'd been bought by a rich family who couldn't have kids and they love her and give her the best of everything but that's not realistic.

I do believe that Ben Needham who was abducted from the greek island of Kos in about 1991 is still alive, I don't know why. I'd like to think he'd be reunited with his Mum some day.

I don't think we'll ever find out what happened to poor Madeline unfortunately. :(
I know I would not be leaving kids of that age for many reasons , one they could of chocked and two they could of woke up and got out and 3 if they woke they would be scared because there mum and dad were not there .
They have something on TV .....On May 7th at 9pm (UK time), a televised ‘reconstruction’ of potentially significant and suspicious events from around the time that Madeleine was taken will be aired on Channel 4 in Britain. Much of this information has not been disclosed to the general public before and it is apparent that there are several highly important unanswered questions remaining. Just one of these answers could provide us with that vital piece of information that leads us to Madeleine. It is our hope that these reconstructed scenes will trigger somebody’s memory and prompt them to come forward – giving us the key piece of the jigsaw that we - and Madeleine especially -so desperately need.


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I've just put it into my planner. Think it was already there cos part of cutting edge series, they have some good shows. 'The Tapas Seven' never seemed to have much to say. I also think the portuguese police could've done more at the very start but they didn't seem too concerned. There was something funny about Robert Murat too. The whole thing's a total mystery.


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This is such a sad story, I feel for the parents, the guilt they must be feeling is probably horrendous.

I'll be watching the documentary this Thursday, you never know, it may generate a fresh lead or two?

If they have any info they should be putting it on Tv now .

You said there about Ben ,they did see him on a gipsy site , I think they took him cos he had blonde hair too like maddie .
Ben must be about 19 now ? blimey ... his mum was on this morning not long ago .


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Yes Kerry has never given up hope of finding Ben. re Madeline, did anyone see that prog they done for itv? It was on for about 90 mins and kate and gerry spoke more than they have ever done about it all but wouldn't let the twins be filmed. I still didn't know what to make of it after watching.


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'Ugly' man is new Madeleine suspect - AOL News

I just read this on aol news. I remember at the start the British tourists had mentioned him. I don't think there was much of an attempt to find out who he was, in saying that there wasn't a lot to go on, how come this artist's impression wasn't done ages ago? :confused:
Hi Lynn

I did not see that programe , but they have one on tonight ( thursday ) so will be watching it .
I just saw the drawing of the man , and you know he was not ment to be a holiday person , so where is he and why wait so long , yes , how true . Tonight I will watch and see what they say . That man looks so ugly .
I watched it last night , so no one has a clue who this man is who took her , he seems to know the streets well by being on foot .
Did you see the reaction from people in portugal when he went there ,it was awful


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I have just watched Kate and Gerry on Cutting Edge. I started to feel sympathy toward them again. As I've thought before surely if they were involved why have all this publicity etc etc but that could be a bluff but if they were lying surely one of them would crack by now? Also they independent investigators said if they found evidence they were involved they'd hand it over to police.

I would rather think they weren't involved. I'd prefer to think of Madeleine having been 'adopted' by a good family. As they said in programme someone out there must know something.
I have never thought they were involved but I feel that they were a little silly to leave 3 small ones and go have dinner and not only them the others also they all went out every night I think and they clocked it , they knew the pattern the people who took her , and maybe she was to order , after all fair hair too .
But with the money they had they could of took a nanny if they wanted free evenings . I have kids and you know I always say its not a restful holiday , but thats what they wanted , now they must live with this


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I also meant to say the people of Praia de lus are sick of the whole thing, they'd splattered the 'help me' poster with paint. They're annoyed cos of the bad publicity. Not much concern over a missing child. :(
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I know all they are worried about is making money , well anyone going there would have nightmares , and I really felt for maddies muma nd dad when I saw that poster , shows you , i have been to portugal before .


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Thing is too there was another little girl went missing in the next town to Praia de lus and the police accused her mum and uncle of murdering her, apparently a confession was beaten out of them. Also in the news at the time it was said gerry wasn't madeleine's father so I was thinking if she was supposed to be an IVF baby it may have been donor sperm but the guy who aged her photo said on the prog she had Gerry's nose...so am wondering how accurate media reports were. I know they print a lot of sensationalised stuff and this case has probably been no exception.
They do print alot of stuff that they are unsure about . But yes they said that she has her dads Nose .
I wonder where this story will end .....
I did notice that Kate looks very unwell , it is taking a toll on her more so , gerry is keeping her strong .

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