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Hey hey... i is back and i am determined and willing and able to get my diet and exercise on a roll...:D

I went to my rejoin meetin last nite and i am 12st 12lb!!! grrrrrrrrr @ 5ft 3in..

so have 4 months till xmas to shift the weight !! gives enough time too!! so its somthin to aim for looking forward and cant wait!! get gawjus outfit for xmas yaay!!

So i shall pop by every few days to let know how im doing!! :)

Ps thats me in pic profile in pink dress size 14 now @ 12st 12lb!!
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Thanx everyone!! just tryin figure out what the best workout dvd to burn love handles and back fat as wel as rest body fat but they be most stubborn!!!


Up for the challenge
Good luck and welcome back :) xx
Hey hay ... im few hours away from my weigh in ,, i eat within my points. . i didnt get as much exercise in doh only workin hard and lookin after the kids!

I used set up realistic goals as in 5lb off 1st wk restart bk... but my body use of the yo yoing.. 1st time i started a diet i lost 5lb but that cause my body was in shock but used me losing and gong up down!!

so for me 2lb off be great!! so let ye know later wish me luck !!

Mags x
goodluck hun x
Yaay I lost 3LB !!!!!!!! i was like excellent as wasnt expectin 3 off so just try work harder for this wk exercise etc!! my eatin is grand just de exercise!! x
Thanks guys.... x so yesterday was my 2nd weigh in!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i lost 1LB and a HALF!!! my aim is lose 2lb a wk so just short a half lol!! but seen i lost 3lb 1st wk ok.. and fact i havent exercised and i was over points bit the last 2 wks!!!!!

because unknown to me i thought i was within my points but i didnt realise cereals 1 half point for a tiny portion!! and milk i was on low fat but changed to fat free as i only have milk in cereal!!

sos i was having a good hearty bowl of cereal!! so i know now anyway!! and gonna get in half hour exercise everyday or every other day and the water see how i go for dec 25th!!! ummm wonder what i lose by then!!!!!

mags x
lost 1lb this wk.... today is my birthday!! so went to tralee with himself sat nite so ate out twice and drinks!! and dessert!! only thing that helped me i say was i walked a good few times!!!

this wknd im going out with my mate as my b-day and hers a wk apart so we celebrate it together so more drink and food!!!

but just trying to save 4 points a day nxt few days for it all i can do and de walking!!!! so happy with the 1lb loss as i say anything down is better than UP or stayin same!!!!!!

roll on and i get this weight off!!!
mags x
Hey people.. lost 1 and half lb this wk!! after birthday double weekend just gone so tis grand! so iv nothin on next few wknds so give it my all .. this wk and get lbs off!!! asap!! roll on!!
o its sunday!!!! and iv had a over points week grr!! checked scales this morn and im same weight as i was last wk !! was gonna have a fry at work this morning but said no! so had branflakes bannana and i slice brown bread!

so between today tomorrow and tues hope i can turn it around and have something lost!! for tues evening weigh in!! what you think!!!! people!!!
hey i think you've done well to sts if you've had a really bad week tbh. if your good and within points tomorrow you never know the scale may move.
dont be disheartened though, we all have bad weeks so just start a fresh and dont let it get to you xx
Thanx mrsm!!! so i went to weigh in tonight and guess what i actually LOST half a pound!!!!!!!!! so i was happy.. i was expectin to be up 1 lb or 2lb lol! so thankfully i wasnt i hate to be up!

so i really need to cop on get my ass in gear for next wk! get me walks in and within points!! and to add to that I GOT MY 1ST SILVER 7 YAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! offically half a stone off!!! and never come back on again lol well some my weight will come back on as we be tryin for a baby no.3 next yr!!

but i really wanna get weight off 1st before that happens nothin worse gettin pregnant at heavy weight! ITS just too hard to shift all after as i know that after my 2nd pregnancy my lil girl who is 13 months old now!!! my second attempt to lose it after having hr which is now!! but going good maybe a little slow but better than nothin!!

1half to 2lb is my goal! so hopefully ill work good and get results!! for xmas!! and more after xmas if i need to see how i go anyway!

mags x x x

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