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Maintaining your loss?


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2 years 6 months :clap: Yippeee!!:party0019:

Congratulations KD two years and six months is phenomenal:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


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Thankyou Mini. You're a treasure :)

Thanks Toots, and well done to you too :clap: Good work chaps :D
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Since November 06, well, did boob a bit, so have 6.5lbs to lose, but Im happy coz I did lose over 5st so half a stone in a year and a bit is not too bad for a first attempt!!


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Since November 06, well, did boob a bit, so have 6.5lbs to lose, but Im happy coz I did lose over 5st so half a stone in a year and a bit is not too bad for a first attempt!!

Congratulations and well done Vicky!!!

Love Mini xxx
Congrats Kd, looks like your a professional around here!

Congrats to you as well toots, looks like your 1 year will be approaching soon.

CanIreallydothis- Heck ya, you HAVE done it! No worries sometimes my maintenance is a yoyo maintenance but a maintenance none-the-less.
I love your scale weigh in & your quote, both are Fabulous! You dreamt it and I believed I would achieve and I have do so too!

Congratulations to all of us LOSERS, big or small, we all made it and have weightloss in control!
I know this seems odd, but I count my time from the day I started CD because that's the time when I won against the weight that had plagued me for so long 20 years.

I never went back to the 14 stone I was then and I never will. Before I didn't know how to lose weight and I tried everything. Now if I put on a bit I have a system to lose and if it all goes wrong I have CD as my emergency break glass system.
That is awesome eclipse, so your a professional maintainer then! I still consider myself a maintainer in training, with my training wheels still on. But it seems as time goes on, it is becoming easier... Yeah for us all...
It's my anniversary! Today marks 11 months maintaining my 25 pound
weightloss. I weighed in today 2 pounds under my GOAL weight, oh well a
few pounds over, a few pounds under, either way works for me in
maintenance! As long as I am maintaining I don't sweat the small stuff...
Besides, the scale numbers are not as important as how I look and feel. I
love the powerful athlete that I have become. I will continue to focus my
attention on staying fit, strong and healthy for many years to come.. _______________
Been maintaining now for just over 2 years, the first 6 months as concious competent at it and the past 18 months as an unconcious competent at it. :)

Congrats icemoose, wowsa over 2 years, that's AWESOME! Good humor by the way, less aware than before..
No I mean unconcious.

There are 4 stages to learning!

The first is unconcious incompetence.

That was when I was big, in denial I was big, didn't see it as any issue, didn't really understand how or why I need to lose weight.

Then I became conciously incompetent.

That was when I was big and I knew I was big, I chose not to be slim because it wasn't worth the effort to me.

Then I finally found concious competence.

That is when I lost weight with Cambridge, I did it by the book, conciously lost the weight and then for 6 months I maintained the weight by conciously watching what I ate (using tools like WLR etc).

Then finally nirvana for me which is unconcious competence.

I can now keep weight off and maintain without having to count calories and be anal about what I eat, I have found the natural ability to eat when I need to and to eat the right stuff most of the time.

As I have said before to reach unconcious competence I had to deal with the true reasons behind my weight gain, accept that being overweight was an effect from my life and not the cause of my life. Once I dealt with that stuff I suddenly found it much much easier to keep the weight off.

I can so identify with the first three Mike, still hoping for the maintenance and Nirvana bit!!

It'll come m8!!

And it does take practice!

A lifetime of getting used to eating what you like, when you like can't be broken in 2 minutes although the decision to break it can be made in a blink of an eye ;-)

After Cambridge you do need to find moderation again and using resources like WLR are key as you learn about food.

I always thought that reduced fat humous must be good for you as it is reduced in fat lol so I used to eat twice as much as if it was normal humous!!

And as my old office friend said to me last week, "I like chips and peanuts, and hence that is 2 of my 5 fruit and veg a day", bless his little cotton socks ;-)


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