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Maintenance - OMG OMG OMG!!


No longer a redhead though!

The Lipotrim Maintenance range comprises:
  • Chocolate Whip Dessert
  • Orange Crème Drink
  • Summer Fruits Drink
  • Cream of Vegetable Soup
  • Caramel Flavoured Bar

Why oh why are the maintenance formulas 80% sweet?????

I never ate sweet things before my LT/TFR journey and don't really want to start now!!

What's the sweet thing all about?????

Lisa x
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my OH done the refeed a couple of weeks ago and didnt want anything sweet either, chemist told him he could use the normal tfr shakes instead, it was all the same.


No longer a redhead though!
Phew, thanks for the Nelly - I nearly went into meltdown there! Well it'd be nice for me to have chicken soup and the vege soup as an alternative. I am fine with the current vanilla as I put coffee in it and the chocolate shake is okay last thing at night.

I really don't see the point in having the flavoured drinks - or maybe I am missing something.

Lisa x


Size 14 here i come!
Also i personally didn't like the re-feed products, thats why it failed for me last time. Switched to CD to finsh this time much more range of products, both sweet and savory!


No longer a redhead though!
Gosh, so should I start to read up on CD and how that works now? I like to be prepared, I spent ages and ages reading this forum before actually starting - got me into the correct mindset.

Right off to have a chicken soup now - yum.

Lisa x


Size 14 here i come!
It's up to you mate, you can switch to ss+ on CD which is 3 replacement meals/barsand a200cal meal thenwork your way up the plans so it introduces more foods bit by bit. If you go the website and have a look at what each plan gives you you will be as prepared as you can be, not alot to it really. hth


No longer a redhead though!
How long do people stay on 'maintenance'? Think I am still missing something here. Recieved my free samples today in the post (how exciting) but something niggles and it feels like instead of telling me which foods are best to eat to balance out the carbs, thus being low GI (or whatever) they want me to keep buying shakes....

And why fibreclear - and not fibre like allbran? stuff like that is still elluding me!?

Lisa x


Silver Member
I've only been on LT a week and already concerned about refeed!!
I might have to think about switching to CD nearer the time too.
My chemist doesn't really seem that clued up on refeed and i'm concerned that I'm not going to learn how to eat 'properly' again.
When I asked my chemist about refeed he told me that as I had reached my target weight without any trouble he was sure that I'd be sensible about starting on proper food again. He obviously dosen't want me to become dependent on dietary products forever. He also invited me to come back every 4 - 6 weeks just to be sure that I was not slipping back into old habits.

I looked into The Alternate Day Diet" (information on another section of this forum) and found it to be perfect for maintaining at my target weight which is 9st 7lbs. I am managing to stick to that weight at plus or minus 2lbs.

I called back to the chemists after about six weeks and was weighed again. Guess what? I had managed a further 2lbs loss, so I'll be sticking like glue to the Alt. Day Diet.

Good luck everyone with however you decide to maintain. Try different things and see which suits you best then stick with it.

I know one thing for sure. I am never ever going to be overweight again. The best thing about it is what someone said to me last Saturday. She said "You're so lucky to be so skinny!" Needless to say I didn't tell her how hard it had been but it felt sooo good.

Cheers, Pat.

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