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Maintenance question

Hello everyone.

I am due to start CD on Friday (seeing my CDC on Thursday) and I was just wondering if someone could help me with a question I have about maintaining my weight WHEN (I say when and not if ;)) I get to goal.

I know my CDC will go through it all with me, but I would really like to have an idea of what will happen before I start the diet.

I have always been a lover of ww, I love the diet because it's really varied and that's great for me and I was hoping/planning to go back to that to maintain my weight once I reach goal on CD. Would this work? It occurred to me that perhaps my body will need less calories after CD because of the low number of calories consumed on the diet, or is that not the case?

I only ask because my plan is to do CD SS until I have to stop (I believe you can only SS until you reach a BMI of 25, which will probably only take me 2 or 3 weeks on SS), I was then going to do as suggested by my CDC by adding meals etc until I reach maintenance (I don't know much about that part yet, but I will do by Fri, lol), but then, once I have been through the recommended CD steps, I was hoping to get back to ww during the week and then relax a bit at the weekend in order to keep to my idea weight long term. In the past, doing ww during the week and then being off the diet at the weekends has always kept me pretty much stable - will this still be the case after CD?

Sorry to babble :eek:
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In terms of "after the diet" then really is a case of looking at your lifestyle and see what works for you, there is no reason that you can't maintain your new weight if you eat the right amount of calories to do so.

Remember though that for every stone you lose you need 150 calories a day less to stay at that weight, so if for example you were 2 stone overweight and had maintained that for a few years and then lost it, you must cut 300 calories a day from your diet to maintain that new lesser weight otherwise you will gentle go back to 2 stone overweight again and then maintain again.

It isn't an exact science but basically you need to find a healthy, calorie aware lifestyle when you finish the diet and most importantly keep an eye on your weight and let you weight dictate whether or not you need to cut back or can eat a bit more.

Thank you SO much for your reply, I really appreciate it!

My main worry is that I'm going to end up having to live on a really low amount of calories after the diet because my body will have got used to a VLCD - is that not really the case?

I appreciate that I will need less calories to maintain my weight when I'm 2st lighter than I am now, but, I won't need any less calories to maintain that just because of the way I've lost weight will I?

(I hope I'm making sense, lol).
I was worried about that but VLCD doesn't "damage your metabolism" and if you look into metabolism then it is basically the amount of calories your body needs to function.

I have found since finishing that I can still eat well BUT I do eat healthy a lot of the time, I don't tend to snack anymore and have 3 square meals (well technically weetabix is a rhombus but you get the idea).

After you have finished just make sensible choices most of the time and you should be fine.


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