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Make It Happen Is My Moto-Nadiya's Diary, Here We Go...

Right - Here we go.


I started SW 14th September 2010...

It was well over due that I needed to be eating better. I gave birth to my second child in January 2010 and was expecting the weight to go by itself as it did with my first. Well that was wishful thinking :p

I think my problem started with breastfeeding, because the body demand more, I would just snack on MORE chocolates *tut*tut*. THAT IS ONE OF MY WEAKNESSES ! I LOVE CHOCOLATE !

I am no longer breastfeeding, so Im doing the normal SW. I first started with only EE plan, slowly introduced some green days. And this week is the first week i've braved it out to try a red day.

This Diary...

Im going to TRY plan my meals every week, because I think this helps a whole lot. So I will put my weekly plans up. I guess some days I will slightly change what Im eating but its just to have flow.

In the last two weeks Ive let myself down at not being at all 100% and still expecting. Well I only STS. But I really wanna get rid of those lbs !

Im also going to post my feelings. Post when Ive been bad or good. Need people posting to tell me off to get a grip if im doing crap and just to be on the journey with me.

**I have been doing BODY OPTIMISE, so not been going to groups** (this is why it is important to me to be doing this diary as well-bit of support etc)


:DThanks for reading everyone:D
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Mon 29th Nov RED DAY

B – x2 Rvita [heb1]with low fat dairylea x1 triangles[hea]
Tea [1syn]

L – Salad : tuna, cucumber, tomatoe, crispy salad
x2 Ryvita [heb1] with low fat dairylea x2 triangles [hea]
Tea [1syn]
fudge&choc alpen lite [heb2]

D - Beef mince + spaghetti [28gx3 cooked=4.5syns]
carrots + courgette
tea [1syn]
fudge&choc alpen lite [heb2]


Blog In >> trying to be 100% this week and trying to change a few bad habits that sneaked up on me! hoping my loss this week will make up for the last two sts!! feeling positive so far :)
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Guys is my above ok as a red day?
Tue 30th Nov RED

B – porridge [heb1] milk [hea]

L – creamy cod fish [1.5syns]
new potatoe [198g raw weight heb2] + [1.5 syn] for extra potato
steamed veg
activia yog

ryvita [1.5syns]
low fat dairlye triangle [1.5 syns]

D – chicken curry
rice [28gx3cooked 6 syns]

tea [1 syn]
2/3 of a alpen bar [2syns]

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Serial Foodie!
your food looks great Nadiya and spot on. Hope you are enjoying the plan and i agree, a diary is great for support - especially if you are not at group. xxx
Thanks a lot Karen. Im really hoping to turn things around this week :) hope ive not had too many syns !
Wed 1st Dec GREEN

B- x2 toast [heb1] with low fat dairylea [hea1]
yogurt with alpen lite [heb2]
tea [1syn]

L- chicken quorn pieces
tin tomato sauce
&roast veg : carrot , courgette, tomatoe

D –cous cous
veg: carrot,parsnip, courgette, chick peas
tea [1syn]
alpen lite bar [heb2]

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Thurs 2nd Dec EE

B -
weetabix [heb] milk [hea]

L - tea [1syn]
Pack of skips [5syns]
pasta salad : prawns, carrot, cucumber
thousand island dressing [1tbs -3syns]
+ 2 spoons potatoe an fish pie[2syns]

D - steak fillets
roast potatoes
veg : corgette, carrot. parsnips, chickpeas
bisto gravy [2syns]

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if anyone knows can u let me know how much thousands islands sauce is and skips crisp pleaasse
Fri 3rd Dec GREEN

B – x2 toast [ heb1]
low fat butter x2tsp [2syns]
tea [1syn]
alpen light x2 [heb2]

L –
alpen light [3syns]
chips [100g=2.5syns]
fish finger [1.5 syn]
steamed veg

D- carrot & corriandr soup
Salad, falafel [fried in oil 28g-1syn]


Blog In >>
Feeling a bit not so good today , i just wanna munch munch munch hence the x3 alpen bars ! argh ... hope ive lost on monday coz my scales arent showing that i have. sigh. keep trying !
hi nadiya welcome to minimins and good luck with ur weight loss journey :)
thanks a lot valerie :)


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Guys is my above ok as a red day?
hi - just looked and everything looks fine except was your pasta wholemeal? (has to be as a healthy extra on RED DAY) and your mince needs to be extra lean....it probably was but just pointing it out just in case. :)
Saturday 4th Dec EE

B - omlette with sweetcorn
low fat dairylea triangle [1.5syns]
tea [1syn]
alpen lite x2 [heb]

L - pasta
cheese [ hea]
steamed mixed veg

alpen lite [ 3 syns]
few sweets [4syns?]

D - rice
roast chicken

alpen lite [3 syns]


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I know Ive stayed within syns but still think this is gonna affect my weightloss but I just needed sweet stuff for some reason (period not even due :() god will i ever make this journey ! I hope so!
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hi - just looked and everything looks fine except was your pasta wholemeal? (has to be as a healthy extra on RED DAY) and your mince needs to be extra lean....it probably was but just pointing it out just in case. :)
thanks mod karen :)
my beef mince was extra lean , but my spaghetti wasnt wholemeal , i syned my spaghetti so that should be ok isnt it ?
didnt bother to update last night coz i had an awful day yesterday.
i had to go out early. so had a quick half of an omlette with beans that my hubby made for me,

rushed off to a meeting , there was crisp and chocolate there, i had a few doritos and a chocolate. then went out to buy a few bits and pieces, was hungry so had chicken wrap and chips. came...

it doesnt finish there :$ i then came home and had tea with choc digestives ...

ive had an 100% week until the last day spoiled it , god , i dont know im feeling so munchy !
Mon 6th Dec EE

B- Weetabix [heb] milk [hea

L- noodles [2.5]
'fried' egg

*had few bites of kids stuff - [2syns]
1 digestive biscuit [ 4.5 syns]

x2 Alpen Bars [ 6syns]

D- Fish Curry

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