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Male CDC?

Question for you all: how would you feel about going to see a male CDC? If you were looking on the CD website for your nearest councillor and a guy's name came up, would you skip them and go for a lady councillor?

Reason I'm asking is that (just before Christmas, nice...) my employer has announced it will be laying off 2600 people soon. My own CDC asked if I wanted to do it when I saw her last week, so I've been thinking about it a bit more seriously due to the announcement at work.
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It wouldn't bother me seeing a male counsellor to be honest.

I think it would help if you had before and after pics up, so people would know that you've actually been on the cd journey and had fantastic results.

I don't know whether i'm making much sense. I'm tired. lol

Sorry to hear your news about your job (do you work for Corus?).

I was on the training day this week and there were at least 6 men there I wouldn't think twice about going to a guy. You should go for it xx
I am also going to be out of work again as my contract runs out after xmas and I am hoping to do it full time or at least along side a part time job to top up my wages.


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I think because you yourself have been on this weight loss journey is what matters as I feel only those who have been through it can fully know what it is like and whether you are male or female does not make all that much difference but I think it is good to have a choice, so I think it is great to see more men putting themselves forward to become CDC's.

I think Jim you would make an excellent CDC as I have always found your posts very inspirational and encouraging.

Love Mini xxx


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I was on the training day this week and there were at least 6 men there I wouldn't think twice about going to a guy. You should go for it xx

Best of luck Kerryberry with becoming a CDC!

Love Mini xxx
No not Corus, they've just had a bit of a blow though and are pretty close to me :(

You're right, the CD website can show before and after pictures so that's cool. I was just thinking that the ladies might prefer going to see a lady rather than a fella?
Yeah good luck KB!

Well, for me we'll see what the future brings as far as my current job goes. Thing is, I like working there are they are flexible as hell when it comes to working time and location, and without bigging myself up I get quite well paid for the job I do. Looking at the meagre scraps of similar jobs around the country the pay is either crap, or the jobs are contracts, which I would do but only if I were currently out of work if you see what I mean.

Still, nothing I can do about it so it's pointless fretting. I'm about to go for a run so yes please endorphin rush :D and I'm on a half day as I'm off to see Placebo tonight. And a night away with Mrs LJ, kids are at my mum's :D
Thanks hun,
Well enjoy your run and your evening out as you say it is what it is and fretting doesn't help anyone.
Firstly, so sorry to hear about your job being in limbo at the moment - must be a worrying time for you. In answer to your question: I would actually prefer a male cdc (not that my current one isn't lovely - she's amazing) I think i'm just not as trusting of women when it comes to confidentiality (too many years of listening to gossiping amonst women at work and cruel cows at school). Also, I have many male friends and I respect the fact that men do not beat around the bush, they give it you straight rather than telling you what you want to hear. Just my opinion. You got for it!!! I think you would make a fabby cdc :):):)
I actually have a male CDC. Tis no problem what so ever, the only thing is my waist measurement, but i bring the tape round then he takes numbers. I've previously had a female CDC too so know both. I have no preferance for either. End of the day they are both there to help you on your journey regardless of gender :)
I'm in the minority here and would say no, I would not go to a male CDC. HOWEVER, this is simply because of my personal hang-up on my weight and feel that only a female CDC would understand, but I could be wrong.
But I would say, go for it, Jim. Your pics are an inspiration and you would be an ideal candidate for both men and women, so why shouldnt you have a go?! Sorry to hear about your job, their loss is CD's gain :D
Jim, I have to say that when I started looking for a CDC I had 7 to choose from in my area which came up on the website. One was a mother and son team which I ruled out immediately as there was a guy involved.
I think this was because it was all new to me and I didn't know what to expect. Now that I know what is going on, I would be quite happy to go to a guy - and not quite sure exactly why I was so leery of it before .... so I would say - go for it Jim. I think anyone would be inspired by your pics and seeing the wonderful progress you have made.


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It wouldn't bother me whether I get weighed and measured by a male or female.

Though I did have a male WW leader once, and always remember him saying "Your weight is fine..... for a 6ft truck driver". I laughed, and then never went back and ten years later am still harping on about it.... I am sure you would never do anything like that.
Hi Jim,I would be too embarrassed to have a male cdc,but I bet there are loads of blokes that would be glad of a male cdc.I defo rekon though that your before/after pics are v.inspirational and you would have no problem getting clients.
Good luck with the job situation, Mr T's company had 2 rounds of redundancy last year, it is a horrid time speculating about the criteria etc.
Hope you and Mrs LJ have a relaxing night away-lucky things!

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