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malic acid


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Hi Scarlet,

Here are some posts on the subject, hope this helps...

The current guidelines suggest that it is unlikely that diet pop will affect ketosis, but it can do in some cases.... it's your call. Drinking pop can make you hungry, diuretics can conversely cause water retention as a rebound... so you should not rely on them to maintain the body's water balance.
If you MUST drink it try to stay away from Citric acid and have NO MORE than 500ml per day.
Opinion often differs on this, but my personal thought is that if it's the Coke Zero or eating then choose the Coke Zero!!
I hope that this helps....


It's always best just to stick to water, ladies.

Fizzy drinks can kick off massive cravings (I know, I'm having one RIGHT NOW!!!) plus even malic acid can knock some people out of ketosis.

Here are some more threads where they are talking about it

just to let you know, i past 11 weeks have lost over 3 stones and to be honest, i cant do the whole plain water drinking part, so i use the sunshine powder stff you can get from CDC which is great helps you get through tons of water, but to be honest i drink a lot or zero coke (i know its bad for you!) and water fruit shoots apple flavour, i havent seen anyone mention the fruit shoots before but the apple flavour has malic acid and not citric acid like the other 2 flavours and i have bout 8 of those in a day (a lot i know) and to date i have not come out of ketosis! so dont fret if you dont think your getting enough plain water just make sure you get it in somehow!

It seems to be open for depate just how much you can have.

I am on step 2 790 plan of CD and I have had two smll glasses of coke zero and it has not taken me out of ketosis.

I also drank some water after it as well. Not sure if that made a difference.

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