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Mamma Caz signing on


Have a serene day!!
Hi Guys,
Just to introduce myself, I am signing on for support and assistance it has been over 20 years since I did Slimming World and I went and weighed in last night. I was a better weight than I expected but still heavier than I should have been.
I am ashamed to say that I lost 4st last year on a Meal replacement diet and I have put it all back on in the space of 6 months so although it suits some people it didn't me.

I am looking forward to this trip coz this time I will learn how to control myself.

Bye for now
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Hiya and welcome! Good luck with your weight loss journey and pop on to have a peep at the posts or to ask any questions.

Ruthy xx


Full Member
Hi, I was on cambridge for a grand total of 2 weeks last summer, thats all i could manage. In that time I lost a stone but it all went back on and then some!! This diet is great when I'm not being bad lol. The other day I had a massive lunch and dinner and still had the munchies so knew I could have muller light, 2 cereal bars and a bag of sunbites for 1 healthy extra and 5 sins, doesn't feel like a diet.

Roz x


Have a serene day!!
Hiya Rolo, Glad to hear I am not the only one, I did the 790 which wasn't to bad but I got down to the weight I wanted and started to eat and eh up it went on oh so easily.

I did SW years ago and lost weight then I had the children and whoops I piled it on, so I am now a type 2 diabetic because I was so bloody stupid but I know that when I lose the weight I am healthier.

Your MEEZ is cracking me up....the horse looks like its having a fit!
Ruthy xxx ROFL
Welcome welcome! Good luck on your weight loss journey! I too was looking forward to starting (and am still quite excited by it - especially as I have recovered from last weeks small blip and lost three pound!) xxx


Have a serene day!!
Hiya folks,
Yes Ruthy at the moment any of my nags would have a fit if I climbed on board, not that I got up to much when I lost the weight last year.

I have found two new loves:
1) Nordic Walking, I am getting back into that again and I always feel so great when I have had a session even if it is for only 30mins.
2) Entering Home Sections at local shows, ie Jams, Cakes etc., well I can't eat them but at least I can still cook them, coz I love cooking.

I am now 50 and I want to mark this year with an achievement hopefully a half marathon we will see.


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