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Managed a full week on restart :-) - and target weights

S: 14st9lb C: 14st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st9lb(4.39%)
Thanks to all those who posted support for my thread last week. I've managed a full week on restart and WOW - my weightloss seems to be massive this week - in the first week of foundation I lost 6lbs, but this week I seem to have gone from 11.9 to 10.12. I'm just immensly happy that the scales are saying 10 something again - it's been about two months. This diet works and I love it. I feel totally back in control. I have the official weigh in at 8pm tonight so I'll see if those scales reflect the same change. Either way, it feels great to know I'm going in the right direction again.

I've set myself a new target of getting to 9.7. I've NEVER been in the 9s - obviously I must have been when I was about 7, but in my teens I was alrady over 11 stone. If I can get there I feel like I will truly be at target and can then join management. I think the last time, at 10 stone I still felt fat - or at least fatter than I should be. Due to my height and wrist measurement, my target weight "should" be 8.12. But I have massive boobs (30J) and I don't think they are taken into account (they surely must add at least half a stone!!! - they certainly feel heavy). They only went down from a 36K to 30J when I lost the first 4 stone so I can't see then shrinking much more (which is good as they already look like melons in a wrinkly windsock). I think 9.7 is probably more realistic - I don't want to look emaciated. Has anyone actually managed to reach a target weight set by those wrist measurement/height things, or is it better to just go with how you feel?

Anyway, thanks again. I will do it this time and I will do management when I get there.

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Well done, that's a great start, wonderful motivator isn't it?
Not checked out my wrist measurement thingys, I think most of the councillors go by BMI, what BMI would you be for your height at say 9st 7 lbs and at 8 st 12 lb? There have also been threads on here about measuring body fat, you have reminded me I was going to buy one of the little machines from Lloyds to measure that. I think there are all sorts of measures, it's what you feel comfortable and happy with, I don't know how all the different measures compare.
Good luck tonight
Hi, UHS - same problem here. I'm just going to see how it goes. No idea what I'll be like at 9st 7 but it'll be great to find out! You're way ahead, so keep posting and let us know. All the best!
Well done UHS - you sound really positive. Good idea to do management ; it does help a lot! I was interested in the target weight thing and calculated mine; it's 8.2:eek:! I can't see myself getting that low but it would be interesting to see what it is like. That would be a bmi of about 19 but my wrist measurement is only 5 1/4" so I guess I'm as small frame as it gets. It's so hard to know what target to set! I'm sort of going by waist measurement as I have a family history of heart disease so want to minimise my risk factors. Good luck with the WI and week 2. You'll be there before you know it!
It is a week for the restart! I too have had my first full week back on track, and have lost 8lbs. I'm over the moon.

Your post made me think about all things target/goal. My original goal was/is 11st 7. I now think I need to get to 11st before I decide next steps. I'd originally settled on 11st 7 as it will get my BMI to 25 but we'll see how it all pans out. I'm just a shade under 5ft 8 and am pretty certain that I'm heavier than I look so god only knows what 11st will look like.
I'm not complaining though, it's a very nice dilemma to have right now :D

Congrats on having such a great week :)

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