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Mandy's Weightloss Diary....Here's to success!!

Hi all,

Just taking some advice from you guys and starting my own diary.

I'm combining Xenical with weight Watchers. My daily allowance of pro-points is 42 and i'm averaging up to today 35 points a day. Just got to watch the fat content of the ww meals, generally they are within the guidelines.

B/ oat so simple / skimmed milk 3pts
L/ chicken sandwich 10pts
D/ Light choice, chicken and broccoli pie, 135grms low fat oven chips and veg 13pts
Snacks/ ww yoghurt 1pt
Fruit 0
Skimmed milk allowance 2pts
ww carrot cake 2pts

All the above are very low fat.

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Had to cancel next weeks dr weigh-in but was offered an appointment for this afternoon so took it. I've lost 8.5kgs or 18lbs in 3 weeks and 3 days. needless to say i'm exstatic!!

Meals today.

b/ oats so simple (golden syrup) 4 pts
skimmed milk 2pts
l/ light choices sweet and sour chicken with rice 10pts
d/ chicken salad with extra light mayo 6pts

snacks/ 2 x ww yoghurts 2pts
2 x ww lemon cakes 2pts
fruit 0

Looking forward to my ww meeting tomorrow.



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well done hun..they'll be pleased at ww tomorrow! :)
I'm hoping to lose at least 4lbs at ww weigh-in tonight, anymore and i will be thrilled. Todays meals are as follows:
b/ oats so simple (plain) 3pts
skimmed milk allowance 2pts
l/ ww chicken curry 8pts
1 x ww yoghurt 1pt
1 x ww lemon cake 1pt

Not sure about dinner yet. Will probably be Light choices minced beef hotpot and veg.



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Good luck for later hun, I'll pop by and see how you do :)
Well..................my weeks loss at ww is....................-7lbs!!!.
Really really pleased with that.
Celebrated with a ww 1pt yoghurt and 4pts worth of ww treats and i'm still within my points total for the day...........Happy days!!!!!

On a serious note.... I have been very hungry today but my totm is due this weekend so i'll but it down to that.

Ps: did have the light choices hotpot and veg lol!!



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well done hun! you're doing brilliantly!!
Thanks guys,

Bought some ww cereal bars which contain peanuts!! :eek:................. oops.........the fat content per 28gm bar is 3.9gms :eek: and they ain't that big!! the point value is 3, so quite low on ww, but they're too high in fat for Xenical. Won't be buying those again. Going to ration them throughout the week.
It just shows, i've been taking xenical for a month now and still make the odd cock up!!!

Well todays menu was

b/oats so simple
l/ww mex chilli
d/tacos with mince and salad

snacks/ 2 x ww yoghurts, 3 x ww mini carrot cakes(too many,but they are nice), 1 x peanut bar

Might stop doing these food diaries as i write it down in my folder for ww.
Suffering at the mo with totm and that always makes me hungry and crave sweet things. A lady once told me that this is a sign of low blood sugar (how true this is, i don't know)but she swore by bananas and especially made into a sandwich. The only problem with this is the vast amounts of butter that i'd put on the bread. I've had a banana today but could still demolish a packet of cadbury chocolate fingers lol :8855:. Anybody else got any ideas for the problem preferably low fat i'd love to hear them.
Well i'm off to bed now, the fridge will be further away :giggle:.



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Hi hun...I have a blog and one of my posts that should go up tomorow is about sugar, when it goes up I'll leave you the link to it.

Sugar is a vicious circle, and it does effect our blood sugar levels, there are ways to break it, by watching out sugar and white carbs..
Just read the thread about how much water we should drink each day. My daily intake should be 4.1 litres and i'm drinking on average 2 litres a day. Going to bump it up a little each day a see if there is a difference in weightloss and the way i feel.
My next weigh-in is monday but i'm not expecting a big loss as we had a barbecue today and got another tomorrow. I have been having small amounts of meat and lots of salad. No alcohol for me as i don't drink but plenty of low cal orange squash.
Managed to stay with-in my points today so we'll see what monday brings.



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I drink between 3-5litres of water, I should be having more though, plus I feel better if I drink more water and it makes a huge difference to my skin too.. I honestly feel you can't loose weight without drinking the water.

I'm weighing in tomorrow too... *gulp*


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Wow, congrats, you're both doing so well. I know what you mean about the cock-ups, I keep feeling like I'm never going to get the balance just right. By the balance I mean the healthy medium between eating to live and living to eat. After all, I enjoy my food, but unfortunately it shows. :( Keep up the good work ladies :D

I think we need to learn that it's ok to have the occasional cock up, for one thing we're only human and getting straight back on track shouldn't make too much of a difference.
I'm sure we'll get the balance right.

I wish i could take my own advice. Had a bad couple of days, totm has been horrendous, i'm on medication to try and stop them from being so yuk. This is probably why i've veered from the diet.
Today has been a good day and have stayed within my points and not exceeded 1500cals.
My ww meeting is on thursday evening and i'm dreading getting weighed. My scales are registering a gain but this could be due to water retention as my weight can fluctuate as much as 7lbs at totm. Trying to drink plenty, as this will flush the system and in theory stop me from retaining water. Oh well just have to see on thursday.

Sorry for the moan yesterday, just had to get it off my chest.
I feel a lot better today. Got lots to do and it helps take your mind off food. Sons birthday party on Saturday, 17 kids coming, luckily the party is at the local bowling alley. That should keep me busy for the time being.



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Bowling sounds like fun, and it will keep you busy and your mind of things...keep drinking hun, I'm sure it'll be alright! And, next week totm should be coming to an end and things will be back to normal again...try not to worry, it makes things worse...trust me! :)
Had another good day. It's ww weigh-in tomorrow. Hoping for at least a pound loss after my wobbly week.
I have had thoughts of going back to a vlcd............forgive me guys........... but i'll stick with xenical and ww and see how my weightloss goes.



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Hi hun, it's hard isn't it, trying to choose what's right for us, and unless you've been on a vlcd/lcd there you can't know what it's like and how good it can make you feel.

At some point I'm switching to cd, then I'll re feed using Xenical and then maintain, I've come to realize this is the way forward for me. :)

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