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Marie's 2008 Diary - Boo hoo :o(


Hello people...can I come back please, heehee

A brief (and boring..) bit about me for anyone who doesn't already know me on here...

I found Minimins this time last year, I joined weighing in at about 11st 10lb (I think that's right anyway). I lost a bit of weight (with a lot of help from people on this site!) and got down to about 10st 6lb in the summer, at which point I felt MUCH better about myself (though I still had another stone or so to go, I still felt so much better with that bit of weight off).

Well, here I am, Jan 08, weighing in at 11st 11lb :( I've tried CD, which I just can't do. I was determined to give it another go (I've tried it time and time again) but I just love food and I really can't do it, I'm kidding myself by thinking I can (hats off to anyone who sticks to CD, it is SOOOO hard), so...here I am.

I am now heavier than I've ever been (apart from when I was pregnant, but even the morning I went into labour I only weighed just over a stone more than I do now) and I am miserable!!! So, I am here to promise that I will stop messing around, I will stop chopping and changing my diets, I am back on ww - that's that!!

So, hello to all of you that I already know (and I am so sorry for neglecting you all for the past few months) and hello to those of you who do not yet know me (you soon will - I'll be the one on here all the time moaning about how I've cheated, hahaha).

Another new year and yet another new diet...I do this every single year with no exceptions, and I reeeeally want this to be the year that I really do this!!!

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Hi Marie

Wow hun you must be psychic! I pulled yours and Nails diaries up earlier askin where you were!!!

Nice to see you back babes. Come on lets do this!



is gonna shine in 2009
Welcome back hunny, i'm back too and i too tried cd over and over agin but nah i love food too. Good luck xx
Thanks for your posts - all still lovely as usual :)

I chose a good day to get back on ww - I've only just got out of bed (heehee!) so only half the day left to use my points, lol.

Isn't it funny how the new year has a really big effect on how we feel about losing weight (it doesn't for me anyway), it's only a date, but it really does feel like a fresh start!

Here goes people!!...
Welcome back Marie, we missed you - you did the right thing by starting over again.

Good luck on day 1 today.
Isn't it funny how the new year has a really big effect on how we feel about losing weight (it doesn't for me anyway),
I meant to say that it DOES for me...as you can see, my typing hasn't improved at all since I was last here, lol.

So far so good today - I've only had 2 points so far! I just found myself sat here wondering what I could eat to use up some points - that's a first! Lol!

My tesco.com order came this morning. I noticed in a thread yesterday that someone mentioned that Tesco have stopped putting ww points on their packaging. I thought that was a bit annoying to start with, but I just checked the points on their mash potato and it's 0.5pts less than the old ww pointed version, so I'm not complaining! (Every 0.5pt helps..that's enough for a mini milk! Lol).

I'm feeling great today - I'm still overweight, I haven't lost a single oz, but just knowing that I'm back in control of what I'm eating has already has a positive effect on my attitude!

The downside of my new start and positive attitude is that I'll be on here boring you guys all the time again from now on, hahaha, sorry about that :p
Oh my lord, I can't believe how quiet it is on here now...I feel bad now for abandoning mm's for so long, it's really sad when it's quiet :(

What's not sad, is that day one for me back on ww has gone brilliantly!! I'm allowed 20 points a day and so far today I've only used 13! I missed breakfast because of my lazy lay-in, heehee, but I've had a snack (wotsits), lunch (a small sandwich), another snack (more wotsits, lol), dinner (a huge chow mein/stir fry) and yet another snack (nutri-grain bar - yum!), plus my milk for the day...and I still have 7 points to use!!!!! Woo hooo!

I think I'll save a few points to go towards a treat on Friday night. OH quite often goes out Fridays, so I usually end up getting myself a takeaway to stuff my face with whilst he's out. If I carry on the rest of the week like I have today then I'll be able to have my takeaway on Friday (guilt free!) and still lose some weight this week! Yey!

I am just lovin ww at the moment...I just wish I hadn't strayed from it so badly and for as long as I did :( Oh well, I'm back now, with a vengeance!
Hiya Chick,

Its been mega quiet on here over xmas but seemed to have picked up again over the last few days!

I would save those points ... unless you are like me and will keep nosying in the fridge to see whats availiable! LOL

I'm sure I'll manage to use a few of them before I go to bed, lol.

It's shockingly quiet, I really can't believe it!
Thank you :)

I'm glad to be back!...posting on here takes my mind of eating, which is why it's such a shame it's so quiet.

Day 2 for me today and I'm ready and raring to go!
Hi Marie, nice to see you back and in the "click". Don't dwell on what happened last year, look on this as a fresh start.

Thanks Dobo -that's exactly what I plan to do. Can't change the past can I, all I can do is change the here and now - and that is exactly what I'm doing :)
Not bad so far thanks!..though I am feeling a bit peckish - don't think I'll be saving any points today.

So far today I've had a raisin and cinnamon bagel with extra light flora for breakfast (mmmmmm!!! 3.5 points), a packet of wotsits (1.5 points), a plain bagel with extra light garlic soft cheese and ham for lunch (mmmmmm!!! 5 points) and 0.5pts for my milk allowance (enough for 3 cups of tea), so I've still got 9.5 points to use yet.

I'm making a shepherds pie for dinner, though I'll have to make my 1/4 without any cheese on it :( If I have 1/4 of the shepherds pie with some broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and gravy, then that's only 6 points (maybe 7 if I have sweetcorn with it), so I should be ok.

I can feel the muchines coming on though..think I'll have to have a couple of satsumas for 0.5pts.

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