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Marie's diary - I am soooooo stupid!!! :o(

This is the first chance I've had to start this diary since I went to my first meeting on Monday.

Brief update - hated my meeting, dreading the next one and was heavier than I thought I was, so in a word it was dreadful.

But, I'm now being forced into sticking to my diet because I can't bare the embarrassment of going to my weigh in's and not having lost any weight, so I suppose that's a plus point.

It's OH birthday on Saturday so we're off out for a meal somewhere - not great timing diet wise, but I'm sure I'll cope. I'm saving a few points every day until then, so hopefully it'll even itself out.

Starting weigh was 11st 10lb, which is a few pounds more than I thought I was :( but it's ok, it's just the kick up the bottom I needed I think.

Day two today and I'm feeling ok about it. Not excited like I have been before, but hopefully a good loss for the week will resolve that.

So, starting again - again - again, so it's full steam ahead. Hey ho for another go :rolleyes:
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best of luck marie. im sure u will do well this week. may even get a horn blown in ur honour lol...sorry, couldnt resist!

best of luck with the diet and the diary xxxxx
If I see the leader so much as look at the horn whilst I'm on the scales then I will never go back again! Lol!

And thank you x
OMG Starlight!!...Are you trying to give me nightmares?!?!! I never even thought about what they do to someone who's gained weight!! What a terrifying thought! :eek:

Lighterlife, I was just giving you a bit of head start because I know my weight is going to come of so quickly now I'm going to my meetings....I was just being considerate to you, wanted to give you at least half a chance to beat me :p

We're going to a really lovely restaurant for OH's birthday at the weekend. Problem is, it's a kind of small homecooking kind of place, so I have no idea what's on the menu or how many points is in any of the dishes. It's worrying me a bit, but I can't very well make OH go somewhere else just for the sake of my diet, it is his birthday afterall (I suppose I should let him get his own way for just this one day of the year, lol). Any tips? I was thinking that they must do some sort of steak or fish dish...maybe I should go for that, just to be on the safe side?
Just thought I'd make a note that I'm doing really well so far this week, and so far I'm finding it really quite easy (I hope I haven't spoken too soon and jinxed it by saying that!).

I've managed to save a couple of points each day to go towards my meal out on Saturday, so hopefully I'll have an ok loss this week.

It's driving me crazy having no scales to get on! I'll be shaking like a leaf when I climb on those scales at my meeting on Monday - I am still dreading going, I think the closer it comes round the more I hate it! I just need to keep telling myself it's going to work and that it's worth it...which it will be if I manage to shift this weight! A dose of nerves/dread/torture in the form of my ww meetings is a sacrifice I'm willing to make to get slim!

OH has the day off tomorrow so we're taking out little girl for her first trip to the zoo...I'm really looking forward to it! She's only 9 months old so I doubt she'll even notice any of the animals etc, but me and OH still get to play the proud parents whilst we're pushing her around in her pushchair, and it'll give us a chance to spend some proper family time together...it'll be nice! It's weird, because we spend every evening and most of the weekend together, but we never actually do anything. When OH isn't working our time tends to be swallowed up by cooking, eating, bathing, cleaning, and playing with bubs, and it doesn't leave much time to just enjoy each other and have fun as a family. Tomorrow will be great, and walking all the way round Marwell Zoo means I might burn a few calories too - result! Lol
Well, we went out for our meal last night, and my plan of going for a healthy option fell flat on it's face! I had...

Large glass of wine
Pate & toast
Lasagna (which I could only manage half of)
2 1/2 slices of cheesy garlic bread
1/2 portion of breaded mushrooms

Oops!! I really enjoyed it and I was fit to burst when I left, but I have NO idea how many points it all comes to!...which is worrying me because I have my first week weigh in meeting tomorrow :confused: .

Anyone have any ideas of how many points I should have allowed for it?! I would like to make a rough estimate so I have some idea, but it wasn't a place that is listed in the eating out guide (which is annoying).

I'm having a McDonalds chicken snack wrap for my lunch today. It's only 4.5 points and I'm out all afternoon so that'll keep me away from the snack attacks at least.

Any help with my menu from last night would be greatly appreciated peeps.

Hope you're all getting on ok. I'll be logging on later for a proper update on all the news posts.


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Sounds like a meal he he! Hope you lose something tomorrow! If youve been good all week you should see some sort of loss!! How has today been? xx
Today's been ok...I've got about 3 points left over from today so I've not done too badly. I had about 8 points saved up from during the week, then I think I have about 12.5 points left from yesterday's allowance for my meal, so I haven't gone as much as it seems. And it was worth it really, we had a lovely meal out and we don't often get the chance to do that.

OH was really good today too. With it being my first mothers day I was expecting him to take the easy option and buy me chocs (nice thought, but not good for my diet), but he avoided the chocs because of my diet and I had a couple of lovely photo frames and a 'worlds greatest mummy' mug instead...I was chuffed to bits! (I feel like a proper mum now I have a mummy mug, hehehe!!).
It really is, sooo much better. I was so pleased with it. OH isn't the most romantic/thoughtful person on the planet, so I half expected him not to get anything at all. I was so impressed when he came in with a bag of goodies on Thursday (not even last minute!!), and he even got a really lovely card - and made a point of telling me to read all the words - he really did put a lot of thought/love into it. He did himself and my little girl proud :D
AArrrrhh that was nice of him! I am picking up my mothers day pressy tomorrow my OH is getting me the weight watchers scales (how romantic and from my son) LOL
Haha, ahh, bless. It may not be romantic, but at least it's something you will definitely make use of. They can then claim that it's thanks to them when you reach goal - so your Mothers Day gift will eventually be your goal weight! Hehe!
Oh he would come up with some reason why it was them that made me lose it, he will want the praise when I did all that hard work LOL (MEN) HEHE

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