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Marie's Diary - Marie and WW are parting ways......at least for now

Hey you guys!!! I is back :D

I'm not going to go into a big long speech about what I've been up to, or why I'm back, or how well I'm going to do this time etc, because I always do that, heehee! The short version is...

I'm still living at my parents, still haven't moved into our house, I've continued to gain weight and I need to get a grip of it.

I got on the scales this morning and weighed in at 13st 1lb (which is EXACTLY what I weighed 2 years ago today - the day before I gave birth to my beautiful daughter! :eek:). I think it was the shock I needed - as you can probably imagine, I'm horrified!

So, I'm back to bug you all :p

My weigh days will be Mondays again and today is officially my day 1. It's my little girls birthday tomorrow and we'll be having a bit of a party for her at the weekend, but I can't put it off another week, if I wait until next week then I'll spend all this week 'making the most of it' and I'll be yet another 3-4lb heavier by then :rolleyes:

So, here we go again.....
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And I've just noticed from my ticker that I am now officially obese!!! OMG!!!!!!! Now that is what I call a boot up the bum! BMI 25 (healthy) here I come....


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Yay, Welcome back Marie. We've missed you :)

Glad you are ok, don't worry about your weight gain, main thing is that you're back, and you will be losing weight again in no time :)

Good Luck hun



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Awwwww welcome back Marie, you have been missed. i have recently been back and sticking to the plan for 2 weeks properly now after ALOT of faffing about and i already feel SOOOO much better for it :D:D We can do it i know we can


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Yay welcome back hun :) ...... so glad. It takes a while doesnt it for the brain to kick in again and gve you a mental boot up the jacksie! hehe ...
Well i hope you have a great week .. ~happy birthday to your girlie for tomorow~ .... and hurry up house vibes to! xxx
Thank you ladies - it's good to be back :)

I've missed so many posts since I've been away and it looks like there are LOADS of newbies! It's gonna take me forever to catch up on things, so I think I'll have to stick to reading just the last few entries in everyone's diaries, otherwise I'll never get through them all!

I hope everyone's getting on ok though, I'm looking forward to catching up with you all! x


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Hi Marie ... good on ya for starting that week earlier .. like you say buy the weekend you could have been that few more lbs heavier!

Happy birthday to Jasmine for tomorrow!!

Thanks Jools, and Paula ;)

Today has been a lovely day as far as bubs birthday is concerned (can I still call her bubs now she's 2?! Lol). We've had a lovely day, but the diet has been non existent. I knew it would be, so it's not unexpected, but I do feel a bit peed off about it today - seems like every day I have an excuse to be bad :rolleyes:

I have been taking pics of bubs, OH and me all day. I've just uploaded them on my pc and OMG....I am even bigger than I realised :( I think I kind of put my size down the faulty clothes sizes (lol, please tell me I'm not the only one who's done that....you know the one...."this is cut wrong, it's really small" kind of thing, lol) but today I've seen for myself - it's not the clothes - it's me - I actually look much bigger than I thought I did :sigh: I'm a bit disappointed because I kind of hoped that when I went out today that I didn't look as bad as I felt, but I did, in fact I looked worse than I felt :cry:. Out of approx 20 pics of me, I've kept 2 (or 3?) and the others I've just deleted - I didn't even want them on my pc! I have kept them on my camera, so I have something to look back on in a few months time when I'm 1-2st down ;)

So, what now.....I can get upset, throw a wobbler, refuse to leave the house and sit indoors stuffing my face, OR, I can hold my head up high and choose to just do something about it!! Guess which I choose....I'll give you a clue - it doesn't involve stuffing my face :p:p:p

Tomorrow is a new day, as they say, and I am hitting my diet big time!! I have another little birthday party for bubs at the weekend so not sure how that will go, but even if it takes me over my points by a few - doesn't mean the rest of the week has to be a right off does it. I have gained weight every week (even almost every day!!) for the past 6-7-8 weeks, so even a sts this week would be a step in the right direction!!

When I've lost a couple of stone, I will post my fat pics on Facebook with pleasure...right next to my new slim pics :D

My weight will not beat me - not any more!
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Hi Marie,

I'm a newbie here with an almost 2 year old (21/7). Good luck with the little party at the weekend. Can you have some low point nibbly bits for you, to save you blowing your points?



Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Oh the ole clothes dont fit trick! .. yep done that and still do it! this must be a small size! these are obviously made wrong ! etc etc lol ..
Im glad bubs had a good day :) and yup you can call her buns for as long as ya like ! ... maybe even when shes a teenager and TOTALLY embarresed by her mum ! lol well we only get little pleasures when they are teens so may as well get sweet revenge! LOL ...

if you think youve gone off the rails due to partying could you go for a couple of good walks between now and then? .. could maybe balance things out?

Have a great evening xx


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Hi Marie

Glad Bubs had a good birthday, as for the day off being an excuse to write the week off i know that feeling allllll to well.

I didnt stick to my points Monday too well and for no particular reason other than i was more hungry than normal, so i decided not to count that day. Now usually that thinking would have had me hot footing it to the bakers oven and Morrisons and buying £10 of junk but i didnt i just had a couple of things from the fridge, wagon wheel and a bacon sarnie and i felt fine, tonight we are off out for dinner and i am hoping to try and make good choices but im not counting as such as i dont want that feeling of guilt if i go over my points.

~Have a good one :D
Thank you for all your messages guys - I feel terrible now - I am so full of sh*t.....yet again, I have not stopped stuffing my face all week! Tues was bubs birthday, Thurs we had a meal round the inlaws, so Wed there didn't seem much point in being good 'just for one day', tomorrow we have a meal and party round the inlaws and so today I've been stuffing my face all day as well!! Why do I do this to myself?!?!?! God knows how much I'm gonna gain this week, but I'd guess probably another 3lb+....why?! Why do I do this?!?!?

I don't want to keep coming on here saying I'm back on ww, then not doing it, then coming back on to say I'm back on it again, then not doing it again, etc etc etc etc etc etc....

I absolutely HATE myself at the moment, really really hate myself - my weight effects my whole life (more than it should!) and yet STILL I can't do it :confused:

What the hell can I do?! How do I stop this?!! I can't afford to gain anymore weight!

I am completely out of control - I have NO control over my binging and I am genuinely worried that I have a genuine problem/addiction for food. I'm not just greedy, I'm not just eatin the wrong things, I'm not just having too big a portions, I'm not just snacking too much...it's all of those things rolled into one and I can't seem to stop myself, I really can't control it! I know everyone has times like this, but come on - we're talking about a whole stones worth of weight gain in the last 6-7 weeks - we're talking nearly 3st weight gain in the past year - that is just not normal!!!!?

I am really struggling here, really struggling. I need help and I don't know what sort of help I need, where to get it from or how to get it :(


I have been coming on here moaning about my weight for a year now and all the time I've just been gettin bigger and bigger and bigger - that is so not the point of this forum. So I think that maybe I need to stop doing this, steer clear of mm's for a while and then come back when I've found the strength to really get back on track...maybe when I've managed a week or two on ww without a single cheat I can come back and join you all again(?). You must all be so sick of me coming on here with the same of cr*p :rolleyes:, I even bore myself! You must just be thinking "OMG, here we go again...get a grip Marie!!...". I know it's easy to think/say that if I really wanted it then I'd just do it...I only wish it was that simple. I do want to lose the weight, I barely leave the house anymore because of it (I don't want to live my life locked away, if not for my sake but for my little girls!)...so why can't I just f*****g do it!?!?!?! Arrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok...rant over :eek:

Thanks Sandy, bless you for being polite about it (when I know what you really want to do is jump a train down the Southampton and batter me until I see sense! Lol!).

I just can't believe how much I've lost the plot and I would HATE for anyone new to come on here, see much badly I'm struggling and be put off ww! I should make it very clear that my strugglin has nothing what-so-ever to do with the diet - ww is a FABULOUS diet - it's me who's the problem, not the diet itself!

I wish I could just to go bed for a couple of months and wake up 3st lighter...now that would be GREAT :D
Haha, maybe don't batter me, but coming down and sewing my mouth shut might help!! Lol!!

I'm not just struggling though am I....I've never seem anyone on a diet forum who's actually managed to GAIN 3st.....I mean come on, that's just ridiculous.

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